Thursday, June 02, 2005


Well, this sure is not an impressive progress photo today :-) You see, the frogs visited while I was starting on the wings of Earth Angel - I was off by two rows of the white.... I don't even know if my photo will show you any of my small progress tonight, and I sure did frog for quite a while.... next time will be better!!
I have been looking for this chart for at least a year now. I saw it in someone's photo album with no details.... but found it on ebay and was high bidder overnight for it! I really didn't think I would end up high bidder, so I am thrilled! It is called "Un Petit Paradise" by Une Fee Dans Mon Jardin... isn't it sweet? I found a french site that carries it, but their shopping cart function failed, so it was extra great to get this on ebay instead!

A little stash arrival today - I received the set of GAST Simply Shaker threads from J.J.'s Collectibles ebay site.... love them! And, I picked up Janlynn's Olde World Map kit on ebay today - I have been eyeing it since I saw it at Joann's Fabrics in Hooksett, NH some time ago - it is $45 there, but by carefully watching ebay I was able to get it for $22. I know this is a perfect stitch up for my DH :-) Yay!!!
Pluie D'Or, an old historical iris, is now in bloom in my garden..... is this pretty blue iris that has lost its tag :-)

Oooo, almost forgot! Karen reached me on my cellphone while I was driving home from work tonight! She and her DH are in Lancaster, Pennsylvania tonight, and it looks they are on course to get here sometime late on Saturday! It was cool talking to her, if only for a few minutes tonight! I can't wait for our visit. We have rented a limousine to take the four of us to Boston on Sunday. We all love the Red Sox, but could not get tickets for the game. So we plan to go to Faneuil Hall and visit the bars... and watch the game from the bars... it will be a blast! With the limo we will not need to worry about drinking and driving :-)

Red Sox 6, Orioles 4, thanks to a three run walk off home run by none other than David Ortiz! Jo, tonight was my night to be happy (well, it was a day game - it was my day to be happy) - LOL!

Stitched on today: Peacock Cypher and Earth Angel (well, mostly frogging, but yes, some stitching...)!


BeckySC said...

Hi Carol!
Send that frog packin'...just not to SC :) your progress is still awesome as always!!!

I LOVE that chart you won off ebay! WOW! Wonder if I can locate it.

AND, more BEEutiful Iris! Your garden must be gorgeous!

Thanks for the well wishes, I am feeling much better :)

tkdchick said...


I just love the chart you picked up off of e-bay if you're ever looking to give it a new home once you've stitched it I'd be happy to arrange something with you!

Ahhh I'm just amazed the the array of irises you have your yard must be gorgeous!!!

Bea said...

Un Petite Paradise is really sweet, Caro. You always buy beautiful patterns!!

Jenn said...

Hi Carol!

Please don't send the frog packing down my way. He's already visited me on the Earth Angel project! :)

Nicole said...

I think my uncle has those same yellow iris' they are huge right now, about ready to open, maybe today or tomorrow they will open (i saw them last night).

A great buy on Ebay with that chart, it's very nice :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your little Paradise Sampler. As someone who has stitched this and has it framed and hanging in the entryway of my home I can tell you it's a treasure. The pink house is Monet's and the flowers are of the flowers of his gardens. This was published in Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly a few years ago.