Thursday, June 16, 2005

Here she is after the second night of beading... there are several little crystal beads still to go around her wand, but after it took a good hour to figure out the placement of those bugle beads... I am ready to wrap it up for the night! I don't want to make any mistakes! I know it is hard to see the beading in my photos. I hope that when I am done, Mike can get a good photo with his camera :-) Maybe tomorrow I will try area closeups or scans (although my scanner makes this fabric look green blue) just to try to show some of the beading... hmmm... a thought...

I have received several questions about what size Q-Snap I am using to do the beading on Fairy Flora. Due to the popularity of that question, I will answer it here, but will also try to answer individually too. I used an 11" x 17" Q-Snap but added a full set (4 pieces in a set) of 3" extenders on to it, adding 6" to the length, making this an 11" x 23" Q-Snap (Fairy Flora is 8" x 22")... oh, I do so love my extenders! If you don't have a set, you might want to get one :-)

Today I received my Millennium Sampler kit, and, at last, the British Cross Stitch Crazy magazine with the cute knitting Felicity Wishes chart in it... all the way from Scotland... :-)
No baseball tonight - but enjoying the NBA playoffs instead!

Stitched on today: Peacock Cypher (oh so close now!) and Fairy Flora (that counts, I figure beading is still stitching - LOL)


BeckySC said...

Thanks for sharing, Carol :)

Nicole said...

That is huge! I can't believe it :) Coming right along too!

Gill said...

Beading does count as stitching! She looks beautiful.
Thanks for your bid on the flower fairies booklet - I sell worldwide so that is fine!

Kiwi Jo said...

Awe some Carol - I think she might be finished tonight!