Saturday, June 11, 2005

Happy Birthday Scott!

My brother, Scott, is 44 years old today :-) Mike and I decided to drive on down to his house in Bradford, MA today and drop off his gifts (all Red Sox related, of course!) and his favorite yellow cake from Joseph's Bakery (as he calls it, "wedding cake"). I was a bit concerned that his wife would not do much for him today, as she really has been very negative towards him lately.... but she and the girls were out getting some birthday stuff together when we arrived. What a relief!!
She is getting quite close now! I put time into Fairy Flora tonight, and I plan to forego the Passione Ricamo SAL stitching day tomorrow and keep at this one... with luck, the cross stitching will be done tomorrow, leaving just the double row of backstitching around the border and then the beading! Woo Hoo! Getting back on track now to finish this one, allowing me to be able to start the Mermaid Heaven SAL next month without guilt :-)
My June installment of the silk fiber club from Paw Prints Cross Stitch arrived today. The silks look like jewel tones to me this month - a skein of Gloriana silk in Seaweed, a skein of Caron Soie Cristale in 6021, a skein of Needlepoint Inc Silk in 675 and a skein of Eterna Silk in 3440.

I ordered a Millennium Sampler kit today - I have been eyeing it... just one or two (or three or four) Shepherd's Bush kits that I still want... Baby Bug Ball, Sailor's Collar come to mind... nice to have some of these that I have wanted now :-) They really are such a pleasure to stitch! And, I picked up an 11" x 17" Q-Snap at A.C. Moore today - I figure it will be my best option for when it is time to bead Fairy Flora since it is a long, narrow design - looks like it will work pretty well :-)

Two pretty new irises in the garden today - the first is a favorite of ours, and is called Hots Dogs & Mustard :-)

Stitched on today: Fairy Flora


Isabelle said...

Seeing you completing Fairy Flora is so exciting Carol! And you've got such great projects ahead - thanks for emailing me about them!

Have a nice Sunday :) And thanks for the yummy flower pictures!

tkdchick said...


You go girl! If I were close to finishing a project I'd drop everyting and get it done! I hope to see an HD out of you really soon!

And that Hot dog and mustard iris is just awesome! I've got to find some of the cool varieites you have next year!

Kathy said...

Hey Carol wow, you are doing really well on your Fairy Flora, she looks fantastic, look forward to more updates.


Kathy xxxx