Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The beading has begun!

Here she is on the Q-Snap with the first beads put into her bodice :-) Thank you all for your wonderful comments - and the cheers too :-) There will be a HD very soon for you! But, tomorrow I will not be beading, as it is Legends of the Dragons night, and I am very committed to staying on schedule with this one :-)
I received my FOTM from Dyeing4U - two fat quarters of belfast linen in Hyacinth and Spring Glow. I shall have fun deciding on what projects to use each for :-)

I also received an order from Stitching Bits & Bobs today - always fun! I received my Fairy Roses chart, as well as Bon Bini - I will be hoping to find a time when I can devote a couple of days to stitching this fun design that will forever remind Mike and I of our trips to Aruba :-)

I really have been getting a lot of lovely comments about the flower photos I have been putting up from my garden. I want you all to know how much Mike and I both appreciate those. We both adore gardening, and I collect plants much in the same manner as I collect stash.... so you can imagine how many we have! Once upon a time, I knew all the names of the cultivars.... but winter weather keeps taking away the tags (or at least erasing them), so most of them now are really anybody's guess - which really messes with my OCD :-) It was a little rainy this afternoon, so I only took one photo - this is of one of the several clusters of white carnations Mike has along our walkway:
I think I totally forgot to report on the wonderful success the Red Sox had last night - and then had even more tonight! Last night was Red Sox 10, Reds 3, and tonight was Red Sox 7, Reds 0 - our pitching staff has really stepped up - David Wells threw a one-hitter tonight, and Matt Clement was just as stellar last night :-) Yay!!!

Oh, of course, it is New DVD Release Tuesday once again! A comedy for us this week, Hitch (just love those Will Smith movies!)

Stitched on today: Peacock Cypher (made it through the last band of over one lettering and a good portion is done now of the very final band - another HD coming soon!) and Fairy Flora


Gill said...

Fairy Flora looks beautiful Carol, its lovely to see her in full now! You have done a brilliant job with her. Do you always leave all the beading to the end?
Thank you for your kind comments on my blog, I need a boost sometimes! I'm selling the cross stitch stuff on my husband's ebay ID which is rogdaw.
BTW .... its probably something really obvious but I can't work it out .... what does HD stand for?!!

Kathy said...

Wow Carol, she looks stunning, you have worked hard on her. The material is lovely too, and also love the flowers.

Hugs xxxxxxx

Isabelle said...

Wow Carol. How beautiful. One's always sure to get eye candy when visiting your blog! :D

I've bought the material for the Feather Fairy which I want to stitch after the Petal Fairy... I'm hooked! ;)
And this time I'll splurge and buy a lovely hand-dyed fabric: I feel like treating myself to something nice now my work is over. :)

I need to get a 28-count so she can match the Petal Fairy in size... But I'm thinking of stitching The Scent of Old Roses in the Fall... and she will look gorgeous on Cameo Peach, don't you think? ;)

Can't wait to see your next Fairy update!

Shelleen said...

Oh Carol, I can't ait for your next progress of Fairy Flora. I just love this pattern. You are doing a wonderful job.
I also liked the new fabric that you picked up, especially the hyacinth.