Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I am a bit out of sorts with trying to get my rotation back on line now... so I decided to work on Angel of Love tonight. Partially because it has been a while, and partially because I spent most of today on the computer working on treatment plans and progress notes and the 28 ct had more appeal to my slightly strained eyes than my projects on 32 ct did... plus I love this one! I saw it stitched up at Yankee Cross Stitch, my LNS in N. Hampton, NH.... and I was surprised. They have it stitched on what appears to be 16 ct aida and the beads are so crammed together. Yikes!

I finally received the embellishments for Emerald Jeweled Garden today, and along with them I ordered the specialty threads pack for 15th Century Medieval Herb Garden. I ordered these directly from Liz Turner Diehl's website. I was a bit disappointed. I paid a lot for shipping ($5.50) yet these tiny items took two weeks to get here by some slow ride... and the thread pack consists of four tiny partial wheels of Glissen Gloss, at about three times what it would cost to get all four colors in full cards... oh well, live and learn!! Communication on their part was really poor too, but I am glad the embellishments came, as I could not find them anywhere else :-)

I also got in the lovely By the Bay charts today too (Colonial Harbor and Spring Hill). It is safe to say that these are just amazing! I love them!!
And, here is a new fabric adoption as of today... sigh....
I have bid on a few stitching magazines this week, and I was high bidder on another again this week. This Stitcher's World is great, because I don't think I have that Teresa Wentzler dragon in my stash yet! He looks great though! Here's a close up, Dragon Ride :-)
It's Ours - The first daylily to bloom here this season - a bit ahead of the rest, this one is cheating - it overwintered in South Carolina and was just shipped to me in early May :-)

Red Sox 9, Indians 2 with Bronson Arroyo starting to pitch better again. And, two home runs by David Ortiz, plus one by Manny Ramirez, just did not hurt the cause at all!

It is New DVD Release Tuesday - Mike picked up Hostage and Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous (I think I should get a niece or two up here soon to watch that one with me)

Stitched on today: Legends of the Dragons (just a little at work today, tomorrow is its official day in the rotation) and Angel of Love


cathymk said...

Angel of love looks so beautiful! Congratulations!

BeckySC said...

Hi Carol :)
Angel of Love is coming along beautifully :)

More pretties from your garden-I have a daylilly like that one :)

hugs :)