Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Happy Birthday Lily & Anouk :-)

OK, here is tonight's progress on Legends of the Dragons - going to make sure I keep up with this SAL :-)
My little girls, Lily (on right) and Anouk (on left) are three years old today. As you have surely figured out, they are sisters/littermates. I haven't taken a picture of them together lately, but they still look the same as they did when I took this one in November of 2003. I love these little girls. Lily is particularly attached to me, while Anouk simply adores Mike :-)

Q. Do you feel the need to stitch a design from a specific designer just
to say that you've experienced stitching one of their designs?

A. Hmmmm.... no, I don't think I would stitch something based upon that reason, but to that end, it still kind of does work out that way!! I love the more detailed and challenging designs, and I do think this question is leaning in that direction. I would not stitch a Bent Creek design, as an example, simply to say I have stitched one. I collect charts from virtually all designers, so if this question actually read "do you feel the need to collect a chart from a specific designer just to say you have one of theirs"... then YES :-) I simply am compulsive and cannot resist pretty things!! Do I stitch most of what I own? YES! So, I guess, in a way, then yes, I do stitch something just to take on the challenge of a specific designer :-)

An LNS hop today, reaped wonderful rewards :-) I picked up Sailor Collar, one of the Shepherd's Bush kits I have been coveting, as well as Bluebird Trail (after seeing the stitched models for these Crossed Wing Collection designs at Celebrations, I totally covet them now!!). Additionally, I got a small cut of R&R 40 ct Mockingbird for one of my many samplers in my stash, the two spools of Kreinik #4 braid and all the beads for Fairy Roses (oh, those large MH beads are quite funky!!), and four cards of Rainbow Gallery PB01 for Celtic Spring (the pattern & fabric selector shows me that the 28 ct Meditation lugana by Picture This Plus is ideal for this pattern, so ready, set, go - soon!), and a fat quarter of white cashel to divide to stitch Lavender Path and A Secret Garden (because after seeing these two models at the trunk show at TWIS last week, I knew I had to do them - and as soon as possible, of course!).

I was shocked to find out that I was high bidder on ebay for Guardian Angel - not just the chart, but the complete kit for just over $16! I have always liked looking at the model for this in my LNS, so now I get to stitch it too :-)

My Meditation lugana arrived today and is just perfect! I also received a skein of GAST and two skeins of WDW that are new and had not been in my stash, plus the Emma's Garden chart and The Potting Shed kit... everything is just perfect!!

Great news - Red Sox 6, Reds 1 - very nice to see Bronson Arroyo get his pitching groove back - that's four excellent pitching starts in a row for the Red Sox! Yes!

Stitched on today: Peacock Cypher (getting close, I swear I am! There will be a happy dance soon!!) and Legends of the Dragons


Katrina said...

Hi Carol, happy birthday to your cute little kitties!

hope your week is going well!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to Lily and Anouk! They look so sweet sitting there together.

Fairy Flora is looking great - nearly done now! Looking forward to your HD on this and Peacock Cypher ;)

Nicole said...

Majesty is coming right along, for some reason the belly's of the dragons are my favorite. I also love the purple and green contrast on Majesty, just like i like the blue and purple on Majic. I sure hope I like stitching the last one...

For some reason the pictures from yesterday didn't show up but I can see them now, Fairy Flora looks great, and that q-snap was perfect!

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday to your kitties, hope they have a lovely day.

Wow the dragons are coming along nicely.

Look forward to doing Celtic Winter with you later on. Just got the material and the speciality threads and beads to get now. Have the chart and dmc threads already lol.

Hugs xxxxx

BeckySC said...

Hi Carol!
Your progress on Legends looks wonderful! I admire you dedication to your rotation! You go girl!

Happy B-day to your beautiful babies :)

What size is your q-snap for Fairy Flora?? Which might I add is BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to see her finished...I can't imagine her being even more lovely than she is now, but with the beads...I am sure she will be absolutely breathtaking!

Have a god day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Lily and Anouk! What cuties! :o)

Legends of the Dragons is looking fantastic Carol.