Wednesday, June 01, 2005

May Goals Reviewed/June Goals Set...

Just about done now with Magic on Legends of the Dragons, and have not decided which of the remaining two dragons I will stitch next. What I have decided, though, is that with my full time (plus) job, there just are not enough stitching hours in a day... :-(

May Goals Reviewed/June Goals Set
May Goals:
1. Continue to work on Fairy Flora - yes, here and there, but not as much as I had wished to do
2. Continue to work on Petal Fairy - yes
3. Continue Earth Angel SAL with Jenn - yes
4. Finish Peacock Cypher SAL with Karen - nope, made it close to finishing Section 3, not loving this one right now
5. Continue Legends of the Dragons SAL with Nicole - yes
6. Continue Miracle Butterfly SAL - yes, making steady progress
7. Continue to work on Little Wings - no, I don't think I got to this one at all this month
8. Get some stitches in on Catherine Agnes - no, nothing on this one
9. Continue to work on Angel of Love - yes
10. Continue to work on 17th Century Irish Garden - yes
11. Start Chatelaine's Springtime Roses - NOPE
12. ****If our fabrics arrive soon and Jenn is ready, why not even start Mermaid Heaven SAL with her too :-) -no, we decided to delay this one for now, gotta get in touch with Jenn to figure out when...
However, I did start Celtic Band Sampler as a SAL with Dani and Katrina this month...., and I started back up on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow too...

June Goals:
1. Continue to work on Fairy Flora
2. Finish Peacock Cypher SAL with Karen
3. Continue to work on Petal Fairy
4. Continue to work on Earth Angel SAL with Jenn
5. Continue to work on Miracle Butterfly
6. Put some stitches into Catherine Agnes, and set up a stiching schedule with Karen V. to keep us both motivated
7. Continue to work on 17th Century Irish Garden
8. Continue Legends of the Dragons SAL with Nicole
9. Continue to work on Angel of Love
10. Continue to work on Little Wings
11. Continue to work on Celtic Band Sample SAL with Dani and Katrina
12. Start Valerie Pfeiffer's Story Time as next "at work" project
13. Continue to work on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow
New Mirabilia chart coming out this month - Fairy Roses.... :-) I just ordered this one, as well as Bon Bini - this one is not my usual style, but had to order it when I saw it because we have had three wonderful vacations in Aruba, and this will be a good memento - (for those not in the know, Bon Bini is an Aruban greeting...) I also ordered the embellishments for Emerald Jewelled Garden and the specialty thread pack for 15th Century Medieval Herb Garden directly from LTD's site... thought I would give those a try... And, new Passione Ricamo chart in late June, Mediterraneo... :-) Looks like it will be a good month!!

A little stash arrival today - I received my Meadow Mist lugana for Mermaid Heaven (I have been reminded now that this SAL is scheduled for July...) and the solo for Lilly of the Woods from Silkweaver.... but my Sapphire Sky and Ametrine are both on backorder - have never had that happen with Silkweaver before... hmmmm...

Q. What do you like *least* about cross stitching?

A. I just can't think of anything I don't like about stitching :-)
Jillaroo, one of my favorite dwarf standard irises, is in bloom now (I like its unique colors), as is one of my all-time favorites:Edith Wolford, tall bearded iris :-)

Stitched on today: Peacock Cypher and Legends of the Dragons


Jenn said...


I thought we were going to start Mermaid Heaven in July. I can check with Amy to see if she wants to start it sooner. I'll let you know what she says. I got my floss today for Celtic Winter! :) The end of Summer sounds good to start this one.

Gill said...

Good luck with your June goals :-) ... love those 2 new designs!

Kiwi Jo said...

Lots of progress in June Carol! Now that all the TV series finales are over I'm allowed to watch baseball. Sadly there is no coverage of tonight's Nationals game but I'm watching my second favorite team, the Orioles, play. You won't be very happy if you are also watching it :)

Isabelle said...

Those are great goals for June Carol! You may not have met all your May goals, but you've achieved a lot nonetheless. I don't know how you manage to stitch that much with a full-time job! (but hey, that sure helps keeping your stash high doesn't it? ;o))

And hey, you're right, we'll be stitching the Petal Fairy together in June! I enjoy the thought as much as you do. :o)

Oh I love the new Mirabilia Fairy! When I saw her I was wondering how you'd like her... and I see you too find her pretty!

Your flowers are amazingly beautiful once again...

Nicole said...

Magic came out great! I am curious to see which dragon you choose to start next. I'm hoping to stitch on Legends at lunch today and tomorrow since I put away Peaceful Sillhouette for a while.

The new fairy by Mirabilia is very pretty. Great job on your goals! I have no idea why my comments don't always work, some day I will switch my blog to a site I host and I will have more control over everything and how it works, for now blogger is easiest. Thanks for commenting though :)

Karen said...

Fairy Roses is very pretty! I missed that one, but I might have to get it to add to Petal Fairy.

Your dragon looks great - I'll email you soon about Catherine Agnes - still deciding how to play this one :)