Monday, January 22, 2007

And A Forest Grew...Another Update

I chose to work on And A Forest Grew again tonight. This project is pretty much keeping me from establishing a solid rotation. It is moving along quickly.

Here's a funny one - Blogger won't let me upgrade to the new Blogger because... my blog is too big - LOL!!

I heard from Rachael today, and she has received the little PIF gift that I sent to her, and I am really happy that she likes it :-) Two PIF gifts down, quite a few still to go!

Nature's Alphabet "R" Fob

Elizabeth's Designs

Silkweaver Belfast Solo Linen

DMC floss

Stitched 1/14/07 - 1/15/07

...Speaking of Rachael, I got a card from the mailman today - her Neighborhood RR is at the Auburn PO. Apparently, it needs to be signed for - so Mike will go and get it tomorrow. I will post a pic of it tomorrow night - I am so looking forward to seeing it!

A few people have asked about Angus - thanks for the ongoing concern :-) He has oxalate kidney stones in his ureter between his kidney and his bladder. These are the type that cannot be dissolved with medication. The vet saw last week that they have not moved at all. If they stay where they are, they can (will) put undue stress on his kidney. That could be bad. We are hoping they do move into his bladder, and ultimately out his much wider new urethra... if I am understanding the vet properly... so, the upcoming appointment is to check on his blood levels and those stones.... he will get checked frequently now.

Kris, PIF means Pay It Forward - it is something several of us bloggers got into this past fall... if a blogger posted they were doing PIF, you could sign up and that person had to make you a homemade gift. In return, you had to post in your blog that you are doing PIF and make gifts for five people... clear as mud, right?

Stitched on today: Stitched on a gift, and And A Forest Grew


Anonymous said...

The Forest is growing and growing! very lovely :)
Thanks for the PIF info ... sounds like fun! will have to watch for that :)
Too funny about your blog *lol*

Anonymous said...

And A Forest Grew is looking great, and the scissor fob is lovely.

Annemarie said...

Your needles must be burning hot! Wow, And A Forest is Growing Fast!
Love you PIF fob for Rachael.

Bea said...

Carol, your Forest is growing quickly and it's beautiful!!!
Lovely scissor-fob! I really like Elizabeth's Designs.

Barbara said...

Fingers and toes crossed that Angus's stones will move and that all will come out (no pun intended) in the end (but if a pun was intended, it would be rather funny).

And a Forest Grew is really growing!!!

Karen's Blog said...

Wow, AAFG is just lovely. I must get mine out an catch up:)

I was wondering what a PIF was as well. LOL.

Give Angus a big cuddle from "Down Under" for me:)

Anonymous said...

Your Pif for Rachel is lovely :o)

Anonymous said...

I'm really loving watching your progress on AAFG :) Your scissor fob for Rachael is lovely too - sweet design. Hope Angus' kidney issues are sorted soon.

BeckySC said...

AAFG is really coming along and looking just great! :)
The fob is adorable :)

hugs :)

Anonymous said...

Forest grew is moving right along. have you considered making any of the motifs into sewing smalls? The trees are lovely in the sampler -- and lovely as single motifs, too.

Hope Angus has passed the stones already. Poor Angus.

Lovely gift for Rachael. You make awesome scissor fobs!!!

Your blog is "too big" to switch? So, what are you supposed to do?? Start a new one?

My big issue with blogger is the sign-in. Sometimes ... I put a comment it ... go to the next post & have to sign in again. I don't know what I do wrong. And, I cannot always get signed back on. I know my typing isn't the best ... but it gets annoying.

I didn't switch, yet, because my sidebar looks terrible in the new format. I know one of these days, I'll make the switch.

Susimac said...

Phew, I'm pleased that Rachaels NRR has arrived I was starting to get worried about it.

Fob is really lovely.

Anonymous said...

AFG looks like a lot of fun to stitch! I'm enjoying all the shapes and stitches that make up that lovely grove. :D

Marjean said...

AAFG is definitely growing (haha) on me. I don't think it will be too long before I get it for myself. I hope Angus feels better soon.

Michelle said...

AAFG is looking so pretty - you are almost halfway done it looks like. Such gorgeous colors. In the photos of the chart, I didn't notice all the little animals and details to it. Very pretty. And I think I shall now dub you "Queen of the Fob" - another pretty one!

Anonymous said...

Your AAFG looks spectacular Carol!
The PIF gift is just sweet!
Hope dear Angus gets those stone moved soon! :)

Anonymous said...

AAFG is looking great! Wonderful job on the PIF. I hope everything goes well for Angus

Anonymous said...

The Forest looks great hun. Oh no I missed the fabby sale oh well my own fault for not watching out for it he he.

Hugs xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love and a Forest Grew, I am going to have to get this one out and start it! The PIF is so cute too :-).

stitcherw said...

Forest is looking good, I really like the little rabbits in it. Your fob turn very nice, I like the pattern you chose.

Sorry Angus is still having health issues. Hopefully he can pass the stones without additional problems.

Anonymous said...

And a Forest Grew is moving along quicly - that's for sure! I wish I had time to stitch this one!