Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Gift For A Friend/Updated Photo of Stash for Sale

Since I am working on Dianne's Neighborhood RR tonight, and I cannot show it, I will instead show a little gift I finished today for a friend (my first finish of 2007). I don't think this friend reads my blog. She is one of my oldest high school friends and she is a stitcher. I had a whim to make this for her:

Checkerbird Fob

Heart in Hand

R&R Reproductions 35 ct Sheep's Straw Linen

Gentle Art Sampler Threads

Stitched 1/5/07 - 1/7/07 for Kathy O.

I have heard that some stitchers could access the Yahoo links of the stash Mike is selling, and some could not. So, here it is again - what is left - in one big photo:

Heart in Hand - Christmas Keepsake 2002, full kit w/specialty fibers, fabric, $15
Victoria Sampler - Birthday Bellpulls 1, $4.50
Shepherd's Bush - Dancing Lamb with button, $6
Heart in Hand - Garden Party with JABC button pack, $6 -sold
Shepherd's Bush - June with clay beehive button, $6 - sold
Just Nan - Peacock Tapestry with gold peacock bead, $5 - sold
Just Nan - Love& Roses with bead pack, $4 -sold

**** - Either email me or leave me a comment here if you want any of these! Angus and I thank you - your help has dented his follow up bills pretty nicely - thank you in advance!!

Stitched on today: Dianne's Neighborhood Round Robin, and finished Checkerbird Fob for Kathy O.

PS - GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jenna said...

Carol, I'll take one of each of the Just Nan's available (Peacock Tapestry and Love & Roses), please. Just let me know the total and if I can use the same PayPal address that I used for Mike's eBay auction that I won the other day (or just confirm the address to use).

P.S. The Patriots played a great game today against the Jets! A 21 point win. Excellent. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, congrats on your first finish of the year! I would like to buy your Heart and Hand garden party chart if still available. Just send an invoice. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I hope your will sell all of that very quickly to cover your bills. Wishing you loads of luck and happiness in 2007 and congratulations on all your progresses. Ann.

Isabelle said...

Oh, that fob is just the cutest thing!!

Anonymous said...

Your FOB is so cute. He looks like a very happy little bird. :)

That was a great Pats game yesterday. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for next Sunday. We can only hope that it's that easy again.

Anonymous said...

Lovely work Carol! That little birdie made into the sweetest fob every and I love the colors! He's singing sweetly I'm sure :)

Anonymous said...

Wow the fob is lovely Carol, Well done.

Hugs & Stitches xxxxx

Anonymous said...

The fob is beautiful! Great work!

Annemarie said...

That birdie fob is just lovely, Carol.

Anonymous said...

Very cute fob, Carol! I'm sure your friend will enjoy receiving it : )

Enjoy the day

Coonie said...

That fob is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Cute fob :)

I'm loving your new big project too - went to look at the chart picture and its huge!!

Hope your stash sells well :)

Barbara said...

I love that fob!! :)

stitcherw said...

Your fob turned out very cute, I'm sure she'll love it. Hope Angus and Gig are both doing better now. Having Angus ill was rough, I can't believe poor Gig got sick as well. Hopefully they both are better soon and stay healthy for a good long time.