Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Back to Bordeaux

Back to Bordeaux... hmmm... that sounds nice. It has got to be warmer there than it is here right now! But anyhow, I started Part 3 of Bordeaux Sampler tonight - now it will be a few days before I pick it up again... I am really starting to like how this is coming together, and thanks to my SAL mates... Anne and Leslie... I am feeling motivated again :-)

I dropped my needle tonight while working on Bordeaux, so I dug another out of a new pack... and you know, there really is a huge difference between a Piecemakers size 28 and a John James size 28. I had dropped the Piecemakers one, and the John James one felt like a stick of bamboo when I started using it! Luckily, as you can see on the sampler, I did find the Piecemakers one just as I was packing up (good, would hate for a cat to find it). I was surprised at the huge difference between the two - I knew there was a difference, but not that much...

Q. Have you had a happy dance yet this year? If so, tell us about it! (Or just point to the entry that talks about it.) If not, when do you predict it will be?

A. I am one of those people who doesn't like or use the term "happy dance," but... I have had four finishes so far this year... I finished my block on Dianne's Neighborhood Round Robin, and I have finished three gifts so far this year... all can be seen in my Yahoo album - you can get there via my sidebar, click on 2006 Finishes... that takes you to my Yahoo albums... then click on 2007 Cross Stitch there... sorry it is a bit of work, but until I decide whether or not to move my blog to another provider/host, I won't be changing much.

I am eager to get back into a stitching rotation now, but there are a few things that have to get clarified for me first... I am wondering if the Barnabee's Quest SAL starting next month is a one night a week SAL? I cannot remember what we decided... but for now, I am thinking this:

Monday: And A Forest Grew
Tuesday: Paradigm Lost
Wednesday: Bordeaux Sampler
Thursday: Dawn, Fairy Spirit of Grace
Friday: Houses of Hawk Run Hollow
Saturday: ???
Sunday: ???

Stitched on today: Mermaid and the Sea and Bordeaux Sampler


Anne S said...

Woohoo, you're almost caught up with me - see, I told you you would! And I also notice now that I boo-boo'ed quite badly and used the wrong colour for the leaves on band 3 ... don't ask me why I used the gold!! I think I just assumed every colour was in each band, and didn't check the codings! Guess I'll be a-frogging soon ... I'm going to stitch along with you a day late, as I had to do the Macaw SAL last night with Carina (her preferred night is Wed for our SAL) ... if you decide to stitch Bordeaux on Wed, maybe I could try each week to stitch it on Tue nights, then with the time difference we should be showing progress around the same time? :)

You made me laugh at poor Angus' expense ... I can just picture his gleeful little face with his e-collar off, then him sulking when you put it back on again ... too too funny (sorry Angus!) LOL.

Annemarie said...

A stick of bamboo.. haha. I used to think anyone who noticed these sorts of differences was mad, but ... ahem, well... I notice it too now, so what does that make me?
I love the Bordeaux sampler. I just had a good look at the entire piece and I'm in awe!

mainely stitching said...

Weirder yet, the Piecemakers are much stronger than the John James, despite their slenderness. I use the JJs for traveling - they break so often that I consider them disposable.

I'll go to Bordeux with you! It's pouring and storming here.

Kitty Couture said...

Great progress on the sampler, Carol :)
Have a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

Your planning looks great! And what a great progress on Bordeaux Sampler. Angus will be so happy with that collar removed today. Enjoy your day. Ann.

Karen's Blog said...

It looks great Carol. I agree about Piecemaker needles. I use them all the time now.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that progress! Wow!
Great Job Carol!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
thank you evry much for all your comment on my blog....this morning i was frustrated because I had to manage 40 mail of my boss..It took 4 hours to manage all the the end I was really frustrated!!!
You are notice the difference between two needdle of the same size...I'm not so careful

Anonymous said...

THank you for the lovely comments on my blog.....and also for the {{hugs}}, they meant a lot to me.

Margaret said...

Thank you so much for your condolences Carol, they meant so much to me. I feel so very grateful to be a part of this warm & caring community.
I've been browsing through your recent posts and am simply amazed at all the beautiful projects you are working on. Do you have them all sitting out somewhere so you can take a look at them now and again even if you're not working on them that day?

Anonymous said...

That is interesting about the difference between John James and Piecemakers needles. I've only used JJ - I'll have to try some Piecemakers. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love all your progress photos on so many large projects. I feel like I am not going anywhere these days with my WIPs!

Anonymous said...

Goodness Carol ... I was just pondering needles around 5 this am ... how odd to read your post NOW.

DH had a meeting in Indianapolis & we were up very early. [nice time to stitch though]

About a week ago, I had a 'new' stitcher ask me about needles & I said I used Piecemakers all the time ... and was really surprised to see the package of needles I"ve been using for 2 weeks was John James Petite.

The Piecemakers are like slivers compared to the JJ Petite.

Did I mention appreciation for Bordeaux? Wow. You are moving right along. It makes me itch to pull out one of my repros ... one of these years LOL. For now, this straight cross stitch project is ok with me.

Anonymous said...

You're really plowing through Bordeaux!

I'm getting better about losing needles as my dh has an uncanny knack for finding them with his bare feet or his hand when sitting. My new stitching chair has wood arms so I can't stick my needles there! :D

BeckySC said...

Bordeaux is looking great, Carol :)
hugs :)

Anonymous said...

The sampler is looking just lovely!!!

I never knew that there was a difference between the needles! I'll have to pull the two out and play around ... thanks Carol :)

Oh and glad you found that needle too! I used to loose them in the arm of the couch and then find them with my elbow later on! ouch!

Anonymous said...

Only 4 finishes? I have 6, not that I'm bragging or owt! LOL. Love your blog.

Michelle said...

Carol, if Thursdays don't end up working out for you, we can switch to a different day. Let me know! Your Bordeaux looks beautiful!