Thursday, September 28, 2006

Class Day & Shopping!

Today was class day! Leslie, Margaret and I took the 17th Century German Garden class with Liz Turner Diehl. I took a photo of Liz's model of the garden while we were in class, because the real thing is so stunning! The photo on the chart does not do it any kind of real justice. I think we all really enjoyed the class, even though there was at least one obligatory teacher's pet wannabee that we had to suffer through ;-)
Mike and I were able to get ahold of two of the coveted chairs in front of the fireplace in the hotel lobby for a while this morning. This turned out to be a good vantage point to find my friends as they arrived. Mike took this photo of me working on Women of the Mayflower.
And, here is my ever-dutiful husband working on his laptop in the lobby too :-)
It turned out to be a rainy day in Hershey. By mid-afternoon there were some really heavy thunderstorms that came into the area. Here is a photo from our hotel room window - not a great photo, but our room did not have much of a view (not complaining here). Irregardless of the rain and thunder, stitchers just kept arriving non-stop all day. We stitchers are like the postman, rain/sleet/snow cannot hold us back from our stitching adventures - LOL!
So, while it rained and there was down time to relax before the shopping area opened up, I put some more time in on Women of the Mayflower....
At 5 PM, the shopping opened! Here is one small portion of the huge line that formed about a half hour beforehand! I think the long lines truly amazed Mike, who noticed there were likely no more than four or five husbands or boyfriends there at the time - LOL!! (Blogger won't let me upload my stash photo right now, so I will put it in tomorrow's entry - it lacks photos anyhow).
Mike and I were then lucky enough to have dinner at The Bear's Den with Leslie (seen here)...
... and her husband, Allen, along with Margaret. It was really great to meet Leslie and Allen, and to see Margaret once again (Margaret takes classes with me at Celebrations every year - this time, I came to her turf!).

Stitched on today: Women of the Mayflower


Anonymous said...

I don't know why this is just now showing up on my computer but it looks like you had a great time. Good to see apic of Leslie and Margaret. Liz Turner Diehl's piece looks stunning.

Mary said...

Thanks for the photos from your first full day at CATS. Was Margaret the woman who went to dinner with us up at Celebrations? If it was, I have to say, she was really nice to meet in NH.

Jenn said...

Wow that LTD piece IS stunning! You look nice and comfy sitting in that chair stitching and by the fire too. mmmm nice :)

It was nice to put a face with Leslie's name/blog and it was nice to see Margaret again. I hope that we can all go out to lunch with Mary and maybe a few others (Sue and Ann) at the next Celebration.

Zohrah said...

I finally figure it out...I've been cracking my head for the past months trying to recall a name.

You look like her. Susan Sarandon. :)