Sunday, April 01, 2007

First Blooms

We finally have our first blooms of spring in the garden now. OK, many of you have had daffodils for a while and your forsythias are in full bloom, but here in New Hampshire it is the crocus that is just beginning to show for us. I bought a spring bulb collection last fall from the two little twin girls across the street from my house. They were selling many things for a fund raiser for school. Knowing we did not want candy or cookies or candles, I was happy to see a spring bulb mix. What I received, of course, was a tiny box that was really no more than 4" square. All of the bulbs were tiny. But, as you can see, I did get some pretty crocus blooms out of it... and there are some tulips coming up behind them too.... who knows what will happen with the rest of the bulbs from the box. My expectations are not very high.
And, although I stitched an awful lot today, all I can show here in my blog is this bit that I did on the 18th Century Band Sampler (aka Long Dog Samplers Mystery Sampler). It has been almost a month since I stitched on this, and I am glad to be back at it. With the final installment coming out today in The Gift of Stitching magazine, I am really happy with the disclosure of the final part - very pretty! This sampler has a lot of flowers in it and really is very spring- like :-)
Goal Review:

March Goals:
1. Work on Barnabee's Quest SAL -yes, and finished it
2. Work on Dawn, Fairy Spirit of Grace SAL -yes
3. Work on And A Forest Grew - yes
4. Work on 18th Century Band Sampler -yes
5. Work on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow -yes
6. Stitch some gifts -yes, I stitched 8 gifts
7. Work on Paradigm Lost SAL -yes
8. Work on Bordeaux Sampler SAL -yes
9. Finish Rachael's Neighborhood RR and send to Annemarie -yes, I finished it and it is safe with Annemarie, and I now have Barbara's
10. Stitch an ornament for the Christmas Ornament SAL -yes
11. Work on The Mermaid and the Sea -yes
12. Take Freebie Challenge on FGBB -yes, I stitched 10 freebies this month
13. Decide on what to stitch for biscornu exchange on FGBB - yes, decided, stitched and posted off
And, I also worked on Mermaid Heaven again this month

April Goals:
1. Work on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow
2. Continue Paradigm Lost SAL
3. Continue Bordeaux Sampler SAL
4. Continue Dawn, Fairy Spirit of Grace SAL
5. Work on Mermaid Heaven
6. Work on And A Forest Grew
7. Work on 18th Century Band Sampler
8. Start Monochromatic Exchange project for SBEBB
9. Stitch some gifts
10. Decide on what to stitch on Barbara's Neighborhood RR
11. Work on Mermaid and the Sea
12. Stitch an ornament for the Christmas Ornament SAL
13. Do freebie challenge again, if there is one for April on FGBB

Stitched on today: Finished a gift, and 18th Century Band Sampler


Rowyn said...

Lovely crocus flowers. LD is looking great... I'm very happy with the disclosure of the final part too. It's going to be such a pretty sampler!

Anonymous said...

Pretty flowers. You never know, you might be surprised at how many of your little box of bulbs bloom.

I can't believe how much you get through in a month!!! Do you stitch in your sleep? lol Really, I am always amazed that you set yourself so many goals and manage them too.

Isabelle said...

What pretty flowers. Your sampler is coming along very nicely.

ollie1976 said...

Great job on getting to your goals! Wow!
Beautiful flowers.

Heidi said...

Very pretty flowers and your band sampler is coming out nicely too. I like the way this looks, the fianl piece is very nice too.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love those colourful signs of spring?!
Love the colours on your sampler, too!
Wow, you did good on your March goals!!

Lavender Rose said...

Congratulations on achieving your stitching goals. Fantastic work! I don't know how you do it, but I admire you so in all you accomplish. The Long Dog Sampler looks so pretty, too!
Deb in FL

Vonna said...

Lovely flowers! Beautiful stitching! And what a list of met goals! I'm jealous with envy:)

Sally said...

The crocus are gorgeous Carol.

The Long Dog Sampler is lovely. It's great to see it stitched up and I'm looking forward to seeing the final part done:)

Jenn said...

Your crocus's are very pretty. So far they are all we have in the yard too. I hope you have good luck with the rest of the box of flowers you bought.

Redwitch said...

Pretty flowers in your garden and pretty flowers on the LD mystery sampler - perfect!(Didn't get chance to comment at the time but your previous progress on the Forest is stunning too.)

Kajsa said...

Those are pretty. The bulbs that I have gotten from my kids fundraisers have all been great, doing much better then the ones I got at the store.

LD is looking beautiful! I really liked the last installment of this one too.

Wendy said...

Oh pretty new flowers! How delightful!! We bought a box of bulbs from a school fundraiser, and how disappointing, not one grew.

You set amazing goals for yourself each month and manage to keep to them! You are so inspiring :-D

Lelia said...

Lovely spring flowers. Currently, we have some nice blooms & I hear snow is in the forecast for Weds & Fri -- not sure if they will make it thru the weather.

I've enjoyed catching up on all your WIPs. You must never get bored with your projects : )

Enjoy the day

Katrina said...

Love the flowers! Your Long Dog Mystery piece is really pretty.

BeckySC said...

I think I may stitch this one after seeing all the installments! I love the colors. Yours is looking great!

Stitch Wizard said...

Your flowers are just really beautiful!! I am sooooo ready for spring and we are having the most beautiful wildflowers here, bluebonnets and many others! Your mystery sampler is so pretty Carol! The part you are doing looks to be lots of stitching and it does take time! You are doing a beautiful job on it!! I hope your kitties are all doing with this food recall!! My babies are all fine! Debby :)

Stitch Wizard said...

I meant to say I hope your kitties are all doing well!! Sorry for the typo!! Debby :)

Karoline said...

Lovely crocus Carol, The sampler is looking lovely

Julie said...

Coming to your blog each morning is like coming to my very own happy place. Flowers, beautiful stitches and kitties. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you! Beautiful photos...I love the crocus! And I loved the one of the kitties the other day. They are so many beautiful patterns and colors! Thank you for sharing.

Carto said...

Hey Carol :)

Wow - you truly are 'Super-Stitcher-Extraordinaire'! You truly are an inspiration. Your stitching is always beautiful - I'm going to have to asprire to have a goal list as long as yours....and complete it as well! Crocus flowers are my joint favourite along with Freesias - lovely to see them in bloom! x

Barbara said...

Crocuses and daffodils are wonderful flowers, aren't they? You just have to smile when you see them.

Can't wait to see the other stitching you couldn't show. ;)

tkdchick said...

You're so lucky to have flowers!!!

I love the Long Dog Sampler!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you got a lot done in March! :-)

cathymk said...

So lovely to see some flowers from your garden again, Carol.

I'm impressed with your freebie toll - 10 in one month along with all your other stitching!!

stitcherw said...

Your crocus are lovely, they must be an early flower as yours is the second blog I've seen having a picture of them.

The Long Dog sampler is so pretty, I'm really enjoying watching you stitch this. I also liked the final part that was in this issue of the magazine. You did great on your March goals, good luck doing as well on April. However, with as focused as you are I'm sure you won't have any problem.