Thursday, January 27, 2005

My ISP was down last night, and is down again today, so I have to blog a little from work instead. I was home (again) yesterday due to even more snow - when it snows, my patients rarely ever keep appointments - in fact, they are not keeping them today either, because the day after the snow counts in some way as well... I went down to the 5th floor and checked out my new office. I have to move in there for 3/1/05. Oh joy! I will try to make the best of it, though.

I got a tremendous amount of work done on Fairy Flora while I was home yesterday. I just had to work on it because with all of this dreary winter weather, I needed to work with the spring colors for a bit! I haven't stitched with those salmon and lavender color families in longer than I can remember! It was great fun, and I took a scan.... but could not post it, so maybe I can tonight....

I also did a little online shopping yesterday - made sense in a sick way since I was home all day not actually making any money! I ordered the Kreinik and Mill Hill beads for Mirabilia's Feathered Fairy - due out in February and no picture available that I can find yet - but the description of it really grabbed my attention. I also pre-ordered the chart from the ebay seller.... so yes, to those who have mentioned it recently, I certainly do have a large stash - but I bet you do too :-)

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Nicole said...

Buying a pattern before you see it - you are brave :) I would probably do the same with one of my favorite designers.

I wanted to let you know that a few of the colors on the Mystic Sampler (from the kit) run out, there's not enough. I know Jeannette Douglas said to just email her and she'd send more, personally I just bought the colors that needed more because I can always use more thread :) If you want to know what colors I ran out of and think i'm going to run out of let me know and I'll email you the list after tonight when I really figure it out. I stitched it on the 32 ct.