Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I took this photo of Lily, my 2 1/2 year old dilute calico female persian (littermate of Anouk, shown earlier in this blog - December 2004), on Sunday after my hard drive died in my desktop. Lily was very curious about this whole situation, and while Mike was off to the store seeing if he could get a good deal on a new drive, Lily sat on my computer and kept watch over it - she hung out there pretty much all day - am wondering what the big attraction was to it - she's a very motherly cat who will come and sit by any other cat or human not feeling well, so I am wondering if she thought the computer was sick Petting
Well, I might end up with a snow day tomorrow. The forecasters in New England have a tough job. Our weather is so hard to predict. The southern half of Massachusetts was forecasted to have some snow (1" - 2") starting around 4 PM today. Instead, the snow started around 7:30 AM and ranged all the way up to the New Hampshire border... that was a surprise to me as I approached the Massachusetts border this morning on my way to work. I guess we have up to 8" due in tomorrow, but likely will be less (they always over-guess the snow totals - or at least I think they do) - so maybe I will get some premium stitching time. If Mike feels better (doubt it) he will go to work and will need my Jeep anyhow. Snow is not exactly Corvette weather - I really don't know why he hasn't picked himself up a rental car...

I didn't get a chance to pick up any DVDs yesterday on "New Release Tuesday," and I wasn't really even sure I wanted any of the ones that came out this week, but with the possibility of having tomorrow off, and having a shorter day today due to Massachusetts' little snow storm (clients rarely come in when it is snowing), I did pick up Little Black Book today - it looked like it had some potential to be cute, or at least amusing.

The Shepherd's Bush French Heart kit came in from ebay today - that was fast! I love it!!

Stitched on tonight: Houses of Hawk Run Hollow

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