Friday, January 21, 2005

Batten Down The Hatches - Big Storm Coming!

It is the calm before the storm, if you can consider -3 Fahrenheit to be "calm." We have a big storm coming in tomorrow night. We are lucky to be on the northern side of the storm, but that only means we are getting about a foot of snow instead of a foot and a half.... and Mike just heard on the news that it will also be snowing on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday too. Oh yay.

I cheered myself up a bit, though. I went out today and bought all the DMC for Petal Fairy - well, except for 3770. I stopped in two stores nearby and neither had that one in stock. Will have to run into Derry soon (if there is ever a day without snow, I guess) and pick that up. I also ordered a fat quarter of Silkweaver 32 ct Blue Dynasty Linen since I had a holiday voucher from Laurel's Stitchery that I could apply to that item. I have been contemplating stitching Angel of Healing sometime - I picked up the Needlepaints for it some time ago, but I just can't decide if I like her face well enough to stitch her.... if I don't, I am sure this linen will come in handy. And, my Peace Angel chart came in from an ebay seller today too.

Oh! Speaking of ebay.... My husband came across this online petition today protesting ebay's upcoming massive fee increases. If you are bothered by ebay's recent actions to make themselves richer and take away the tiny profits of the small businesses on ebay - many of which are cross stitch shops - you may want to check this petition out! It is loading up with signatures very rapidly, and I sure hope it can do some good to curb this out of control behavior by ebay. (OK, coming off my soapbox now... thank you!).

With the storm coming in, I figured we could use something to watch - other than the AFC Championship Game - and I picked up Catwoman on DVD - I know it got bad reviews, but Mike and I do enjoy the movies made out of our old comic book heros!

Stitched on tonight: Little Wings

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