Saturday, January 08, 2005

Snow.... Again....

Snowy HouseAnd, that is how our house looks today... got another 6 or more inches from all day snow today. We had to venture out to the Post Office to mail off a phone Mike sold on ebay, and some charts I sold on ebay.... saw a bad accident, but we did OK in my Jeep....

We finally got out to snow blow around 7 PM, so I made it up the driveway to get my mail at that time. Was happy to receive Mountain Mist from an ebay seller. Looks like it would be a fun stitch, and really happy to see I have all the fibers needed for it in my stash.

I am watching the NFL Wild Card games today - really wanted the Seattle Seahawks to win.... but no.... Now watching the second game, and am hoping the San Diego Chargers winFootball 4.

Stitched on today: Little Wings

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