Sunday, January 23, 2005

Patriots 41, Steelers 27 - Back to the Super Bowl!!

What a great day! The New England Patriots proved to the Pittsburgh Steelers that their loss on Halloween to the Steelers was merely an aberration! Back to the Super Bowl to face the Philadephia Eagles! Very, very exciting! The Patriots dominated tonight! They are, once again, AFC Champions!! (Pic above of Corey Dillon is copyright

We had a huge snow storm last night. It was considered to be a blizzard in Massachusetts. The two towns I work in have greater than 20" of snow! Here in Auburn, NH I think we got about 8-10". It is hard to tell because it was light, dusty snow that blows around very easily. I feel confident that we did not get more than 10". Tomorrow I get to drive down and see Lawrence, MA where they were hit hard. School is shut down for two days in most eastern Massachusetts towns - because the public works department and private plows simply have to figure out where to put all of this snow! Meanwhile, it only took Mike and I about half an hour to get our driveway cleaned out - would have taken less time, but we took two breaks to warm up - boy is it cooooold out there today!

Sad news about Johnny Carson passing away today, though. When Mike told me this morning, I really couldn't believe it! He is a real icon.

I have a new progress scan to share of Little Wings - this is my progress as of when the Patriots game ended about half an hour ago
It is getting too big to scan now, and I could not fit in the ribbons on her hat. I spent most of the week muddled up in all the shading on her massive bustle. Yet, I really love this one - I keep pulling it away from myself when I am stitching, and thinking to myself, "boy, this is really pretty!" I think I will just keep on course with this one.

I was able to get a Mystic Sampler kit from a class taught by Jeannette Douglas in November 2004. I was not able to attend, but Stitcher's Hideaway, who sponsored the class, had some of the kits left over for sale - they also have some from a Minnesota retreat Jeannette also did last year.... if you are interested. I am thrilled to be able to stitch this - I adore New England (as much as I gripe about the snow - it is the extremes that get me), and it will be great to have this stunning New England band sampler in my home! Yay!

Mike picked up a couple of DVDs while we were out yesterday (before the storm) - he picked up Cellular and Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle (we watched this one, as well as Catwoman last night - Harold and Kumar was actually funny - but, alas, Catwoman was as terrible as the critics said it was)....

Stitched on last night and today: Little Wings

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