Wednesday, January 05, 2005

This is for Karen - I found this in the Sunday paper this week, and I loved it! I don't collect Christmas villages, and I don't spend a fortune on these Danbury Mint thingys, but this was just too cute not to share - and I know Karen will get a huge smile out of it! You can click on the photo to get a better view! Fenway Park exists, but of course all of the other buildings in the village are purely fictional... but so cute!

I wanted to post some links for the rest of the awesome cross stitch supplies Karen sent me for Christmas - she sent me three 50 cm x 70 cm (my calculator says that is 19.69" x 27.56") cuts of Country Stitch Kiwi Antiques 35 ct hand-dyed linens in Barley, Chamomile, and Pink Spice. The Chamomile is considerably darker than in the image shown, and I am considering it for Petal Fairy -just have to do a... floss toss? I think that is the slang for it - to see if it will look good! She also sent me this amazingly cute Backyard Patch chart by Hanne's Needlecraft. I had never heard of this designer before, but I love this chart! Karen is well-tuned in to my love for gardening as well as cross stitching! I really am lucky to have this awesome Aussie friend!Sydney Opera House
Well, I get to "study" tonight - Nanny 911 is on tonight - I love this show! As a child and family psychologist, I often prescribe watching this show to my families who are having a tough time with managing their children's behavior. Highly recommend this show if you have not already seen it. Top notch!

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