Friday, January 14, 2005

Snow in Hawaii?? Blame the Red Sox!

Interesting - it actually snowed in Hawaii this week! Not an inch - quite a bit (at least in some places)! What is this world coming to? Well, Dennis Leary knows the answer - The Boston Red Sox won the World Series - now the whole world "goes to crap"! How cool is that? I am proud to be a huge Red Sox fan!! Sorry, though, about the weather!

Well, 2005 has brought not only tons of snow and rain, but also plenty of computer woees - mostly minor, but hey, I rarely have any computer problems or glitches, so getting so many in a couple of weeks is... well, surprising. Now my laptop needed a virus scan and Mike did a search and destroy mission last night. Tonight he is emptying it and reloading my software - enough is enough :-)

I plan to stitch my heart out on Little Wings again tonight, while we watch The Village on DVD.... sounds like fun!

I am so happy right now - I let go of a wonderful pattern a couple of years ago, and totally regretted it. But, yesterday I was able to pick it up on ebay and am so happy to be getting Peace Angel back again! Yay!! All that white and off-white...oh, I know.... but the end result has just got to be worth it!

I also totally forgot when I was blogging on Wednesday that it was my sister's birthday - the "Big 4-0" - so, happy belated birthday, Katie!!
Stitched on today: Little Wings

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Stitchie Kiwi said...

Did you enjoy The Village? I thought it was a great movie, one of the better one's I've seen for a while.