Monday, January 03, 2005

Back to work!

It was back to work day today - went pretty OK, though. Got this cute little link in an email newsletter from Nordic Needle today, so here it is to bring you some cheer. I thought it was cute.

We brought Mike's Jeep down to Birch Street Collision Center in Derry, NH after work tonight - the mechanic has to look at it tomorrow, but his guess right now is that the accident caused a bend in Mike's emergency brake cable, and when it gets hot the steering wheel rattles. I was happy, because that was what I had guessed was wrong before we got there. I guess all those times I spent watching the spots about rotors, brakes and the like during the NASCAR races have begun to pay off. They really help me to understand how a car works!Pit Crew
I should be back to computer "full strength" again soon - I did manage to get my new hard drive before I drove home as well - I feel so productive! Oh, I see Mike just took care of it, and with no files lost! Yay!!! God Bless ghosting files!

Finally, the Adia, the Garden Fairy chart arrived in the mail today.... took almost three weeks! I also received Honeysuckle Courtyard today, while I was high bidder for Mountain Mist today.... so I guess I'm going to be stitching up some Patricia-Ann designs soon!

Had a little bit of fun this evening - had a chance to get the TV remote for a little while, and I caught The Boston Celtics having just started a game. I haven't watched basketball since college, some 20 years ago... it was fun, but too bad they were not playing well! But they are winning - just not in a pretty way. Basketball 2
The downside to today was that I got a call from my sister in law, Renee, today - seems my eldest niece, Caitlin, is "at it again" - she again got caught sneaking around with the boy she has been forbidden to see. He is a holy terror, very rude child, cannot even call him a young man. Perhaps the phone calls all week with the boy named "Jerry" were just a ruse?? Ugh. She refuses to care what her parents are saying to her. Nothing at all sinks in!

Stitched on tonight: Houses of Hawk Run Hollow

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