Thursday, January 20, 2005

Icy Roads and Frigid Temps - Welcome to New England!

What an interesting morning! There I was driving along to work - I work about 45-60 minutes south of my home, and must drive Interstate 93 South almost all the way - being in New England, you know - Historic Old New England - we are not talking a super freeway. Rather, it is two lanes, posted at 55-65 MPH, depending on where you are - but drivers go about 90 MPH. Today, Rte 93 looked wet, but wait - what is that up ahead? Cars spinning all over the place? Yes, that is what I saw! OK, I am lucky - I did not get into any accident, nor did I slip, slide or spin. I drive a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Overland Edition with Quadra Drive. That Quadra Drive kicked in at one point when I braked - scared the beejeebies out of me! Makes the brake pedal really shudder and sounds like my Jeep is breaking apart! But boy does it work - the pulse to all four wheels sure keeps the Jeep steady. But I saw another Jeep spin out and get hit ahead of me, so my confidence was not that high! So, I heard Dad's voice in my head - "take it easy, go slow and you will always get there safely." As usual, he was right!

I had a site visit at my relatively new Haverhill, Massachusetts office today - a man from the insurance company I work for was scheduled to come out and approve my office as a working site. With the roads as they were, he was about two hours late... and stayed for a whole three minutes! What a waste, I think. He did not realize that I am not a brand new provider (I am in my 4th year with them) and that this is merely a satellite office and no records will be stored there.... so he took a copy of my license and my liability insurance and happily ran out the door to his next appointment.... gee, I am so glad I canceled clients and drove on the ice for that! Oh well, at least it is over and my office is approved for business!

As for stitching, this little shopaholic (compulsive, actually) picked up Queen of Peace and Rose of Sharon from my favorite Mirabilia/L&L/Passione Ricamo seller on ebay.... figured these two charts are due to be in my collection now!

My beads and Kreinik for Petal Fairy came in today, so once my fabric comes in (probably in 3-5 days), Karen and I can finally start our SAL! Yay!!!! Took us both a while to get this one set up!

Stitched on today: Beneath the Stars (at work, while waiting for the insurance company guy - this is a WIP from last year that I really want to get done now)...and stitched on tonight at home: Little Wings

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Nicole said...

I don't envy your drive with that ice. I've been lucky, my drive includes I-90 to 495 and both have been clear all winter so far. Where do you work down 93? Must be close to Boston at 45 minutes right?