Thursday, January 06, 2005

Yep, it's a Snow Day!

Snow DaySure enough, it is a snow day today. Mike took my Jeep to work. After a couple of hours watching Little Black Book, which was entertaining, and stitching a little on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow, I went outside and did the first pass of shoveling at the garage end of the driveway. It is still snowing, but if I wait until the end.... yuck! Maybe Mike will do the other half when he gets home, or maybe I will feel motivated to go finish it later.... the pic is taken from the garage end of my driveway - looks like 2-3" so far, with maybe a couple more to come... I hear Massachusetts is getting it worse.Shoveling Snow
Three hours later, and my driveway is covered again... with twice as much snow. Mike said to leave it be, he will snowplow it when he gets home. It was worth the trudge up the driveway to the mailbox, though... my order from Laurel's Stitchery finally came in - I placed it during their holiday break and it is postmarked 12/28/04.... I can't believe it took the USPS nine days to get it to me from Texas! I paid $3.50 for shipping, which is disappointing considering how long it took to get to me - I will have to remember that next time I am tempted to order from this shop again. But the Lavender Hill chart and the fat eighth of Picture This Plus' 28 ct Tarnish lugana are really nice... more fun stuff to work on!! Oh yay!!

I also watched Before Sunset while trying to warm back up this afternoon. It was OK - I had seen the first part, Before Sunrise, a couple of years ago - it is a sweet love story, but I had forgotten how "talky, talky" it is.... but was easy to stitch to at least! Shiver
Stitched on today:Houses of Hawk Run Hollow


Anonymous said...

I would love to have some snow. But today it's 12 degrees C, and stormy weather. So now snow! But who knows...

MooseDog said...

Hello Carol! This is Laurel with Laurel's Stitchery! I would be more than happy to send you a voucher for free shipping on your next order since you were unhappy with the time it took to get your order. For some reason, a few of the orders that went out after our break took quite a while to get to their destinations. I can't control the USPS, but I would like if you would give us another chance for your business. Let me know if you would like the voucher number. Thanks! :)
Laurel @ Laurel's Stitchery