Monday, January 10, 2005

Boy, the Storm Gods must be angry!

Before I go and start complaining about the storms here, I must first extend my sincerest condolences to the people of La Conchita, California who are experiencing the devastating mudslide and flooding today! It seems the rain and snow in California is never-ending. I will keep you all in my prayers! And, what California gets eventually makes it's way to New England, and we face yet another snow and (worse) ice storm for tomorrow night into Wednesday morning! This is way too much, too fast for us. There is no rest for the weary. To those of you who are experiencing calm weather right now, count your blessings!! I do pray this pattern does not find it's way to you. This is not fun. And, with Mike's 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Overland still being in the shop for post-accident repair, the stress level is high! I heard the snow plow go by at 11:30 PM last night and then could not sleep - I spent ALL night wondering how Mike would ever get his Corvette up the driveway if we had fresh snow and if the end of the driveway is blocked by piles from the plow.... can you tell that I, a psychologist, have a major anxiety disorder - well, yes I do! But when we awoke this AM, there was no new snow and the end of the driveway was clear.... so I don't understand why the plow was there, and why my weather pixie was also saying there was light snow in our area at that time.... I just hope all of this ends soon and that Mike's Jeep comes home soon too. Tomorrow they are scheduled to look at the emergency brake problem, now that the bumper and trailer hitch have finally been replaced...SmileSo, it looks like I might be home on Wednesday to stitch, since Mike will need my Jeep for work.... oh, what a pity - well, it is fun right now but won't be when the paycheck comes in....

On to brighter things, how about stitching?? I am making major progress on Little Wings! I really appreciate all of the requests for progress scans, so we will see if we can figure out my monitor problem this coming weekend and I will scan a progress pic to post - otherwise I will scan one from Mike's computer and post it.

My January Cotton Club from Paw Prints Cross Stitch arrived today.... the mix reminds me of Easter - there is some good stash enhancement in this one: a skein of Crescent Colours in Bamboo, a skein of Weeks Dye Works in Iris, a skein of Simply Shaker Sampler Threads in Berry Cobbler, a skein each of Olde Willow Threads in Green Peace and Quaker School Blue, and a skein of Caron Watercolours in Mardi Gras. And, the chart for PEACE in all things also arrived today - will make a cute ornament for next year. Just have to remember next time I am surfing an INS to pick up the JABC 3402S star buttons for it.

Stitched on tonight: Little Wings

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