Monday, January 31, 2005

Feather Fairy... Finally!

January Stitching Results:

No finishes! Started three large projects this month :-)
Houses of Hawk Run Hollow - started, but only did about 1/6 of a block - not a good start at all!
Little Wings - started and made great progress until the snow really started falling and I needed to switch to something with more spring like colors
Fairy Flora - started and really chugging away on this one
Beneath the Starts - old WIP from 2004, have been able to stitch on it here and there at work, about half done now!

Finally - a pic of Feather Fairy - thanks to my friend Karen! Feather Fairy is cute - I like her little innocent look, and I am glad I pre-ordered the chart and also the specialty threads! Yay!

I also ordered up Baby Garden from Stitching Bits & Bobs - I think Nan did a great job with this one, all of the love she had for the new baby in her family really shows through in the details - we are not expecting a child, nor is anyone close to us - but still, had to have this one! Great bunny charm!

The mailman finally delivered The Rose of Sharon and Queen of Peace from the ebay seller, who is only an hour to two hours away in Massachusetts - the package is postmarked 1/22/05 - the snowstorms must have slowed this one down! Also got my first installment of Monthly Bits - Suprise Me - Anything Goes! Small from Stitching Bits & Bobs - not as color coordinated as the monthly fibers from Paw Prints Cross Stitch, but still fun and the value is good - I scanned what I received - Caron Watercolours, Gentle Art Sampler Threads, Needlepoint Inc Silk, Seaside Treasures Floss, Dinky Dyes Floss and Glissen Gloss Colorwash Silk - $15.25 worth of fibers for $13.00 (including shipping)- that is pretty good.
Yay! 24 is on tonight! And, more yay - just a pic of my favorite crush (copyright
Stitched on today: Beneath the Stars (at work) and Fairy Flora

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