Sunday, January 30, 2005

Why I Love Arena Football.....

.... because without Arena Football, I would have no sports to watch between the end of the NFL Season (this coming Sunday - and my beloved New England Patriots are back in the Super Bowl again this year! Come what may, as I lack a crystal ball, I am just thrilled that they made it back there again this year - good to see that the trash talking so far has been limited to the opponents - my Pats do show a lot of class!) - oh, and before I got sidetracked there - as I was saying, between the end of the NFL Season and the start of the NASCAR Season, later in February! Yay, Arena Football - oh, and it sure is entertaining too!

Here is my latest progress pic - I sure wish my scanner would show you that my linen is a lovely sage color, not this bright blueish evergreen color :-( Ugh!! Loving this piece though!

Oh - and YAY to the (slightly) warmer temps - above freezing at least - and the lack of storms in the area for now! Whew! Thank you Mother Nature - we need this break!

Stitched on today: Fairy Flora

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