Saturday, April 30, 2005

Celebrations Today :-)

Celebration of Needlework is going on this weekend in Nashua, NH, and I went today to meet up with new stitching friends and to take Betsy Stinner's Mary Queen of Scots class: Image hosted by Photobucket.comHere is the scan of the project off of the chart cover - you cannot see how truly elegant this is - all done up in silks and metallics, "to make it regal enough to fit Mary Queen of Scots," says Betsy :-) This class included an interesting lecture on the life of Mary Queen of Scots as well. And, here is what I got done of the little preface piece while I was there for 3 hours and 45 minutes: Image hosted by Photobucket.comI met a wonderful lady from Maryland in the class today, she was really lovely (even though she is an Orioles fan), and also sat with another stitcher, and both made the class so incredibly enjoyable!! Betsy looks wonderful, and is really recovering well from her cancer. She was, as always, fun and entertaining!

I called both Nicole and Jenn this morning to meet up at Celebrations. I was able to meet up with Jenn for something to eat at 11 AM with several other stitchers from New England Cross Stitchers - it was fun meeting Janey, Danielle, Susan and Violet... and seeing Joyce again for the first time in what... ten years?? I can't believe how grown her kids are now! And, surprise of surprises, Janey had invited Eileen Bennett (yep, of The Sampler House) to sit with us for lunch too!! That was very nice. What a fun group of ladies!! Meeting Jenn was wonderful!!

After my class I was able to also meet up with the adorable Nicole and her equally adorable sister, Aimee! We had fun looking at each others' progress on Legends of the Dragons - hers looks fantastic!! We were both amazed at how different our fabric is, though... mine is misty grey with a green hue, and hers is much bluer.... mine is lugana, hers is belfast.... but both are Dragon Myst from The Blended Needle... hmmmm....

I had a bit of a revelation today - a lot of people read my blog! I only have five or six regulars who leave comments, but I met many folks today who knew so much about me, what I am stitching, etc. because they read this blog. Well, hi to you all - I really had no clue you were all out there!!! I just figured I had those five or six who comment regularly - I had no idea there were so many other readers....

I also met Carol - a lady from Nashua, NH I have met through ebay - it was so wonderful meeting her! We have chatted via email in the past due our similar interests in Liz Turner Diehl, The Drawn Thread, Indigo Rose... she even bought some irises from my garden via ebay... I hope they bloom abundantly for you this year, Carol!
Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnd, I keep plugging away still at
Fairy Flora :-)

I totally forgot that yesterday I made a fun purchase on ebay - Tulip Fields by John Clayton - I love this one! It really evokes great memories of our 2001 trip to Amsterdam!!

Oh - if you have ever been on the fence about ordering fabric from Sugar Maple Fabrics, I hope my story will help you to decide to make an order - Mindy, the owner/dyer, was wonderful about dyeing me just the perfect piece of Peach Grove Cashel for Once Upon A Time... but that is not even the best part! A while back I ordered a piece of Thunder lugana for Midnight Hunting, but when it arrived it was just blue and white - no grey/black. Well, I still planned to use it, but when Mindy heard about it she replaced it by also sending me a new piece - this time on belfast - and she does not want the original fabric back! How amazing is she??? I received my fabrics today and could not be more thrilled!

I behaved really well at Celebrations today - I only purchased a piece of 36 ct dirty edinburgh linen, perhaps for House Samplings - I say perhaps because shortly after buying it I decided it is too dark, I will wait and order some natural or flax edinburg for it instead :-) I saw it stitched up today on what looked like flax... so pretty! I am sure I can use the dirty linen for something - LOL!

Red Sox 9, Rangers 2 - well, that is more like it - and about time - better pitching, better offense!!

Stitched on today: Mary Queen of Scots.... well, the preface piece, and Fairy Flora


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I love your class piece, it's going to be beautiful when it's done :)


Anonymous said...

The class sounds great fun. There doesn't seem to be anything like that over here in the UK. I love the piece you're stitching. It is going to be so pretty when it's finished.

All those people who know you through your blog. That must have seemed very strange. I haven't a clue how many people read mine.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog (in Western Australia) and I doubt that I am one of the 6 you knew about. I have learnt about designers and retailers I previously did not know about thanks to reading your blog. My husband loves cars and I have 2 cats (I would like to have 6). I love stitching of course.

Kiwi Jo said...

I'm not surprised to hear that you have lots of people readng your blog, it's always so fun to come and see all your WIPs and shopping purchases! I'm sure you have many, many fans. Your class piece looks like it will be stunning. As someone with mostly Scottish Ancestry I am alwys interested in Scottish designs. Gotta love those thistles!

BeckySC said...

Hi Carol!
It's sounds like you had a great time at Celebrations! I bet it was fun to meet new people :) I always love meeting and making new friends :)

Funny, I started a Betsy Stinner band sampler yesterday, and you were taking a Betsy Stinner class :) How cool is that????

I love your progress so far-that piece will be awesome! WOW! And, Fairy Flora...oh, how you make me want to start mine!!!! BEAUTIFUL progress!

Thanks for shairng with us....I think it is pretty evident that we all love visiting with you :)


Katrina said...

Hi Carol, sounds like you had a wonderful time. Your sampler will be gorgeous - I'll look forward to seeing more progress :).

Your blog is one of the first places I visit each day - I really enjoy seeing what you've been up to and hearing about all your stash purchases, lol. I've told several of my stitching friends to visit your blog - its very inspiring!