Sunday, May 01, 2005

Brand New Month! Stitching Goal Review Time!

April Goals:
1) Continue to work on Fairy Flora -YES
2) Continue to work on Petal Fairy -YES
3) Continue Earth Angel SAL with Jenn -YES, and I even got to meet Jenn too!
4) Finish Green Old Gardens -YES - Happy Dance!
5) Start Peacock Cypher SAL with Karen -YES
6) Start Legends of the Dragons SAL with Nicole -YES, and I got to meet Nicole as well!!
7) Continue Miracle Butterfly SAL -YES, even working on it today
8) Continue to work on Little Wings -YES, although only one evening's work...
9)**If we can get our fibers and linen in during the month, start Catherine Agnes SAL with Karen V. -YES!
**************In April I also managed to start L&L's Angel of Love and Liz Turner Diehl's 17th Century Irish Garden... as well as attended Celebrations and took Betsy Stinner's Mary Queen of Scots class :-)

May Goals:
1. Continue to work on Fairy Flora
2. Continue to work on Petal Fairy
3. Continue Earth Angel SAL with Jenn
4. Finish Peacock Cypher SAL with Karen
5. Continue Legends of the Dragons SAL with Nicole
6. Continue Miracle Butterfly SAL
7. Continue to work on Little Wings
8. Get some stitches in on Catherine Agnes
9. Continue to work on Angel of Love
10. Continue to work on 17th Century Irish Garden
11. Start Chatelaine's Springtime Roses
12. ****If our fabrics arrive soon and Jenn is ready, why not even start Mermaid Heaven SAL with her too :-)
Image hosted by Photobucket.comHere is today's progress photo :-) Today was Week 6 of the Passione Ricamo SAL, so I worked on my Miracle Butterfly - I worked on her left side now, so she is starting to look a little more balanced now :-)

Good news and bad news in sports today (at least for me) - Red Sox 6, Rangers 5 (that was the good news), but after a strong start in Talladega today, Ryan Newman got caught up in the Big One, this race has one every single year, and finished 39th.... worst of it, he dropped all the way down to 15th in points... this bad luck just keeps going, and going and going.... And again, Jimmie Johnson starts a wreck and avoids being part of it! Enough already!

Stitched on today: Miracle Butterfly
Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnd here is how Beau spent his day :-)


Isabelle said...

Well done on meeting and even exceeding your April goals!

Beau is so gorgeous... :D

Nicole said...

It was great meeting you :) Miracle Butterfly is really coming along, I can't wait to see those wings finished. Keep up the great rotation, i love seeing so much progress made by someone even if it isn't me :)

BeckySC said...

Hi Carol!

WOW, you did GREAT on your April goals! Congrats!!!

Your Miracle Butterfly progress is AWESOME!

Katrina said...

Hi Carol, well done on achieving lots of your goals for April and lots more :) You have made great progress on Miracle Butterly too.
you mentionned starting Mermaid Heaven? - I stitched her two years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it - I chose Dusk Expressions for her.

Your kitty is gorgeous too!

Laura said...

Great job on all of your April goals, Carol. And I love the photo of Beau. I can't say I'd mind spending a day like that myself. LOL

Annemiek said...

Hi Carol,
For some strange reason my computer wouldn't show my any updates on your weblog after March 24th. I was so happy to see all the progress pics. It's a real inspiration.
I have decided that I "need" to start Catherine Agnes as well. It is absolutely stunning.