Thursday, May 19, 2005

I didn't really get the time I needed tonight to try to catch up on Celtic Band Sampler, as I am two weeks behind Katrina and Dani in this SAL. So, I might work on this part of the night tomorrow to see if I can get some more done... still have not even finished band one yet :-)
Here is what I feel is an outstanding ebay win today - this is Knot Garden by Forget-Me-Knots in Stitches - it is a design that was made for an EGA Chapter and I have been looking for it for quite some time now! I really do love to stitch gardens!
While a bit bored at work today I was surfing around, and I found this pic of one of the magazines I bought yesterday. This one has the photo of the cute garden fairies sampler, but, of course, you cannot see anything quite that small :-)
And a little more surfing, and here is the other magazine I picked up - this one has some cute Margaret Sherry designs of hedgehogs doing ballet - I love them! But, I have discovered that there are three designs and three charts... well, two charts... you see, they printed one of them twice and omitted the chart for the super cute pirouette one! I have to write to them and see if they will send me the chart they did not print... my niece is a ballerina at the competition level - I have some ideas for how to use these designs - kinda disappointing, but I imagine they will make it good!

I really need to vent something for a second - non stitching related - but I just have to! Thank you ebay, ever so very much, for selling my email address to every Tom, Dick and Harry you could find! I now get more junk email every day for prescription pills, computer products, mortgages and who knows what else, than one could ever nightmare about receiving! What the ????????? Thank you so much!

No Red Sox tonight - good, they need a rest!! Oh, but Donald Trump is on my Christmas Card list as of tonight! He did the right thing and hired Kendra as his new apprentice tonight - that Tana really irked me, and boy did she show her lack of class near the end of the show as she was hooping, hollering and pumping her fist like she was at a football game and not in The Boardroom. That woman has some real growing up to do - but it won't be with the Trump organization :-)

Stitched on today: Peacock Cypher (made it through the third line of over-one code today!) and Celtic Band Sampler


Cathy said...

I agree with you about Tana. She really showed her true colors last night. It is one thing to be excited and dynamic, it is another to be unprofessional and immature.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Carol your CBS is coming along nicely!