Monday, May 16, 2005

Teresa Wentzler is going on Leave of Absence.... :-(

From the TW BB today, Teresa has made an announcement that is a bit sad to take.... I will surely be missing her outstanding designs! I am glad I have stocked up on most of my favorites... but have a few more to get... I hope they don't go OOP any time soon...

It was, however, a fun stash delivery day :-) First, I received Colors - I plan to stitch only the tree with the birds, and leave out the border and the words. DH and I both agreed on that. I also received the cute little snail charm for Take Time To Stitch Too :-) Then I also received Sun Sampler, Busy Bee Sampler and Village - lots of pretties to look through today! Oh, and I got that deal of a century embellishment pack for One Good Urn :-)

The Red Sox are on late tonight - 10 PM... so I can expect to be posting today's progress pic (via editing) around 1 AM or so.... yawn.... oh, what I do for my Red Sox!!

Bottom of the 7th inning, tied game I guess I should post my progress pic!Here it is! I am loving this project so much! It really glows on this fabric, but I cannot seem to get a photo to show you that effect at all. (*****I am so sorry if these photos are blurry! They looked fine on my laptop and on my desktop at home - but here on my office computer they are very, very blurry - what's up with that? I hope they are not blurry for you!)
When I got home this evening, I brought my camera out to the garden to see if there were any blooms to photograph, and I saw my two calicos in the office window... I went to take their picture, and up popped Beau between them :-) I thought this picture was a little cute :-) (Lily is on the left, Ava is on the right)

Stitched on today: Peacock Cypher and Angel of Love

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