Sunday, May 29, 2005

Red Sox keep on slugging, and Ryan Newman is fourth in points!

It is Passione Ricamo SAL day, so of course, I worked on mine... but with Red Sox on, NASCAR on, laundry going and baking chicken at the same time, it was put aside for a couple of hours.... but managed to get the sparklies done in one of her wings...
My niece, Nicole, used one of the DMC Mentor kits this weekend - she just plugged away and finished her kit tonight. She loved it. Betsy Stinner says at her classes, "Each one, teach one," so I took that to heart! Nicole did a beautiful job - if I can find where she put it, I will scan it in. She just gave it to me to scan... And, Anouk helped her... LOL!

Well, the clicky finger has been bad again today - all the Memorial Day sales are just too tempting! Today I visited the sale over at Stitching Bits & Bobs (I just love how she has sales so often....) and I ordered all the beads for Celtic Winter (two of each, but may need more... MLI did not specify on her website) and the two WDWs for The Good Neighbor - just in case I need them, as Gold and Blue Spruce are so popular I may be running low... and I figured this one would look good with the DMC/WDW conversion - it doesn't cry out to me as needing to be done in the silks... :-)
A much better photo today of my Sky Rays iris... :-)
And one of Lily playing on the lawn :-) My cats are indoor cats, but in nice weather they get to play under heavy supervision. She was literally "setting up camp" on the lawn this morning. She was not pleased when it was time to come in :-)

Red Sox 7, Yankees 2 - that was another sweet treat tonight! Thanks guys! David Wells, you were awesome!!! And, more outstanding news! Ryan Newman came in fifth in the Coca Cola 600 - bringing him all the way up to fourth in the points standings!!! Not a win, but still a great night!

Stitched on today: Miracle Butterfly


Jenn said...

Lily looks like she is having fun outside today. Misha has been out on the porch for most of the morning watching the birds.

Anonymous said...

Aww Lily is so cute! She definitely looks settled for the day. And what a beautiful coloured iris!

Katrina said...

Hi Carol, what a bad clickie finger you have, and fancy trying to enable me by mentioning all the online sales at the moment when I don't have any more in my stash budget until June, hee hee.

Isabelle said...

What beautiul pictures! Those irises are so delicate. And Lily is just so pretty! She's the one who goes to you when you're singing isn't she? Violette does that either when I'm singing, or when I'm talking in English - she seems to enjoy the sound of English as much as I do! ;)

Oh, and are you fully recovered from your cold now? Now it's my turn to have a sore throat and headache... :(