Monday, May 23, 2005

Monday is Angel of Love night lately - but I did not get a whole lot done because tonight was the two hour season finale of 24, and that required a lot of my attention. Can't wait to see how they will start next season with the ending they gave tonight!
I received my May silk fibers from Paw Prints Cross Stitch today - they look a bit like ice cream colors this month, with Creamsicle Waterlilies, 1411 Soie Cristale, 986 Needlepoint Inc Silk and 7126 Kreinik Silk Mori... :-)

The bargains keep coming on ebay - today I was high bidder for $6 for Angel of Winter :-) I just wonder if I will ever fit it in and get it done - LOL!!

Speaking of Lavender & Lace, I have decided that Celtic Winter is a "must have" - she is very bride like - I love her! Now I have to stitch up those Celtics too! One of my friends is giving me the other Celtic charts, so... maybe some SALs are needed to get these done!!

Oh, I was thrilled to receive the Margaret Sherry hedgehog ballerina chart today that was not printed in the UK magazine I bought a few days ago - they got that to me lightning fast! I am impressed! I believe that was Cross Stitch Quick & Easy... bravo! And thank you! I picked up another UK magazine today - Cross Stitch Crazy! - but it did not have the knitting fairy chart in it that I was expecting... anyone have issue 71 of that magazine that they are willing to trade for something I have?..I got this one: Issue has some really nice mediterranean vase pictures that made it worthwhile... I shall try to post a picture of the cute knitting fairy tomorrow.... really want to stitch that one for my Mum. I hope someone can help me :-)

Stitched on today: Peacock Cypher and Angel of Love


Katrina said...

hey Carol,could you count me in for a celtic lady SAL? I love the new winter one too, have been waiting ages for her as I have already stitched Summer and Spring. I guess I could have done Noel and Autumn while I waiting for winter couldn't I? hee hee.

what fabric do you think she might suit? I might just have to pull out all the flossies and beads :)

Jenn said...

Carol. If I'd know that you needed the Hedgehog from Quick and Easy I would have sent it to you. I got it a few weeks ago from them.

Wasn't 24 great tonight! Now I'm waiting for Lost on Wednesday. 2 hours can't wait! :)

Maggie Ann said...

Wow, I admire your stitching projects. I have seen them advertised but never have I known anyone who had the 'stick-to-it'ness to complete these. They are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol!
Angel of Love is looking FABULOUS! Gosh, seeing yours makes me wish again I had used a different fabby...but YEARS too late now...LOL!

I would have gladly given you my Angle Of Winter chart when I was finished stitching it.

I have a couple of international Mags that you are welcomed to, if you would like them. Cross Stitch Favourites from has a cute Guelder Rose Fairy in it as well as a hedgehog. The other one is Cross Stitch Collection Christmas 2003. LMK. :)

Unknown said...

Angel of Love is REALLY coming along - she's lovely!

Cathy said...

I want to do the Celtic seasons charts. I saw the Noel stitched up in the LNS I went to a few weeks ago, and it was stunning. Ever since, I've been plotting and planning out where I could put them when they were finished. I'd be glad to do a SAL with you!