Monday, May 09, 2005

Mike and I want to thank all of you wonderful stitchers for your kind and thoughtful anniversary wishes :-)
Tonight I went back to work on Angel of Love - she is on my list to stitch in 2005, so I have to get her more actively into my rotation... and I am so glad I did. I am very pleased with tonight's progress. She has a face and some of the blondest portions of her hair! My friends and regular blog readers sure do know that I love to get the faces done as soon as I can on my projects - when the face is on I feel so much more connected to the project. And I sure do now with this one! I love that she is blonde - my current projects all have darker hair (for the most part). I wish I could get a good shot of the color of my fabric, but not a whole lot of luck yet with that. I am stitching the angel on Golden Turret Cashel by Sugar Maple Fabrics.

I got Issue 29 of Cross Stitch Gold today. I have really taken to this chart in the magazine: I am not sure what gets me about this design - the colors are definitely part of the attraction... I just love it. I wish I could afford a subscription to this magazine, but to the US it is $62 for 9 issues.... ouch! I want Issue 30 too (the one shown in the link) - the "Beauty at the Riverbank" chart shown on the cover of that one is stunning!

I had to delete a bunch of my older WIP photos out of my blog today, as well as some sports pics I had in there, as Photobucket advised me that my bandwith was used up. I could kick myself for deleting them now, since I then just decided to upgrade my account and have unlimited bandwith now.... so I didn't need to delete anything. Grrr. Live and learn :-)

Red Sox 13, Athletics 5 - would have been a greater game if Oakland's pitcher had not beaned Manny Ramirez off the helmet in the first inning, thereby taking Manny out of the game to be examined! No news on Manny - he had his helmet on, of course, but man, what a headache he must have! Geez. I hope he isn't out for a while now! Congrats to Kevin Millar - finally got his first home run of the season tonight! Woo hoo!

I wanted to brag on my friend Karen again - she just finished stitching Mirabilia's new bumblee freebie - isn't this just the cutest thing??
Stitched on today: Peacock Cypher (a few more smyrnas and mosaic stitches still to go until Section 2 is completed though) and Angel of Love :-)


Cathy said...

I saw the chart for the Peacock Cypher in the store I was in the other day and thought of you. It will be gorgeous when finished. I like that project from the Cross Stitch Gold, as well. It's beautiful.

BeckySC said...

Hi Carol!
Sorry I missed wishing you a Happy Anniversary! I hope you have MANY more!

Angel of Love is coming along nicely :)

I love your friends freebie Bumblebee! Gotta stitch that for myself :)

Have a nice day!

Nicole said...

Wow the progress on all your projects is great. I just had a few minutes and I caught up on reading your blog from friday to yesterday.
Happy belated anniversary :) It sounds like you had a good day.

Just enjoying my lunch break for a change (haven't had one in a while). I think i'll even add a quick blog entry ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the fabric you're using for Angel of Love :)

Let me know if you want any future issues of Cross Stitch Gold - maybe we can come to some arrangement...