Thursday, May 05, 2005

Blue, Blue, Blue....

Image hosted by Photobucket.comNope, that's not how I am feeling. That is what is in my needle... lots and lots of blue :-) Here is Earth Angel as of tonight.... :-)

Received Tulip Fields and A Year in Stitches from ebay sellers today.... both are great!! And... a late ebay win tonight, for only $1.49 I got Busy Bee Sampler - I bid on this every time it comes up and never win - but tonight I got it for only $1.49. Pretty cool!

Red Sox 2, Tigers 1 - day game today, so I had to listen to this one on the radio in my office... not so much fun that way! Really prefer the pictures LOL!! Edgar Renteria was lifted in the second inning after injuring his right index finger while squaring up to bunt.... cannot find an update on his condition anywhere though.... so hopefully it is good news! Wow, what a year for injuries already!

Happy Birthday Karen!! Hope you enjoy your day - and really hope you like the gift I sent :-) (Well, her birthday is tomorrow, May 6th, but it is already May 6 in Australia, so I chose to say Happy Birthday now....)

Stitched on today: Peacock Cypher (almost done with Section 2 now, so a progress pic will be up soon!) and Earth Angel


Anonymous said...

Goody! Looking forward to seeing a progress pic. Which reminds me (in an oblique way), I must start Catherine Agnes soon - maybe even this weekend ;)


Isabelle said...

I love your new purchases Carol! Especially "A Year in Stitches" and the "Busy Bee Sampler" - oh my, that one's gorgeous!
(And there'll soon be yet new stash on your way! hehe)

Thanks again for your wonderful gifts. I really need to get a move on my stitching projects so I can start stitching those fascinating Cat's Eyes soon! :) And I'll definitely use the hand-dyed threads for the Angel of Sleep Namuelle gave me!

Jenn said...

Your Earth Angel is comming along nicely. :) I've not worked on mine all week but, I hope to get some work done on her this weekend. The scans you've done of her don't do the fabric you are stitching her on justice.

BeckySC said...

Hi Carol!
All your Blue surely looks lovely! GREAT progress!

Oh, I almost started the Busy Bee Sampler ,instead of In The Garden Of My Heart.....

Have a great weekend!

kittychernoff said...

Carol, I am really enjoying your blog. It is inspiring me to be more organized in my stitching. Don't change a thing. I sat by you in the Mary Queen of Scots class - and really enjoyed meeting you. Regards, Margaret in Maryland