Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Petal Fairy tonight - working away on the flowers now :-)

I got it! Found it on ebay! Issue 71 of Cross Stitch Crazy with the all important Felicity Wishes chart in it! Just have to stitch this one!! It is coming to me from Scotland, and I have to go and fiddle with some new online payment service, but I will get it done - I am so glad I got this! (My little addiction to UK stitching mags is about over now, save for the subscription to Cross Stitch Gold... I just so much prefer the US magazines, as limited as they are in number...)

I picked up some fun stuff at the LNS today - I got a chart I have wanted for a bit now, Earth Angel and the Crescent Colours floss I need for it, and a chart from a local designer (Maine) that I never would have bought had I not seen the model at the shop - This is American Way by Kitty Kats Originals. I really liked the one with the seacoast scene, but they didn't have the chart at the shop :-( Oh well, maybe someday... it is not like I need more charts!

In the mail today was Angel of the Sea from ebay, as well as gifts from Becky and Isabelle! Becky sent me a Liz Turner Diehl garden chart and a Barbara Baatz booklet that features that Flower Garden Fairy she is stitching (which I adore!). Isabelle sent me a lovely DMC garden booklet, a little bag with an aida insert that she made herself (!) and a bag she machine stitched with teabags on it... full of lovely mocha cinnamon tea bags! I shall try to get some pictures to share soon! I have such lovely friends! Thank you ladies!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, another little ebay purchase today - a set of five new GAST shades: Gingersnap, Aged Pewter, Sweet Pea, Harvest Moon and Tea Rose... well, not very new, but except for Tea Rose, not in my stash yet :-)

There is utter joy in New England right now! This happened yesterday, and I forgot to mention it - Troy Brown has re-signed with the Patriots!!! Whew! (photo from www.patriots.com) But, a downer too - Blue Jays 9, Red Sox 6 (tied in the bottom of the ninth, but the Jays hit a 3 run walk off home run off of Alan Embree... sad).

New DVD Release Tuesday again today - and for us, that had to be Are We There Yet? - neither of us really care to see a movie about Howard Hughes' life (and Leonard Di Caprio, not appealing to me... so ditch that new release...I am sure many love that movie, though)

Stitched on today: Petal Fairy


Gill said...

Ahhh .... I did see that mag on ebay but wasn't sure if you'd buy from the UK, congratulations on your win! I hope you don't mind, I showed my hubby your blog last night as he was very interested in what I read, he is very impressed with your angels!

Bea said...

Carol, congratulations!! I love Felicity Wishes!!! Wonderful!!! I can't wait for seeing your FW stitching!!! I didn't stitch my PR because I had to finish a charity's pattern. I finished yesterday and I'm going to stitch PR again in the ext days!! Kisses