Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I tackled that greek cross filling stitch tonight on 17th Century Irish Garden. I don't think I have ever said this before, as I love specialty stitches, but I did not like doing this one. The diagram in the chart gives almost no help.... but I am done with it.... took me forever... :-)

My husband has been busily working on a cross stitch stash and project database. I am really looking forward to this. He is a programmer by profession and is putting a lot of effort and energy into this. The goal is to have the database manage your stash, as well as allow you to enter projects, seek out what you already have in your stash, and give you a shopping list for what you need. I figure he may need some beta testers for this when it gets to that point... hopefully one or two of you might be interested?
I can't believe my luck here! I have about given up on Silkweaver Solos on Tuesdays... if I like it, it is already sold... But tonight I casually looked at them, saw a lovely blue that is over the standard fat quarter... is 32 ct... perfect for Lilly of the Woods... and it was still available! Imagine!! It is sold now :-)

I was totally remiss last night in mentioning some things - I was just too anxious to get back to working on the angel's hair! Well, I received the Tuttie Fruitie Belfast and the Karma 32 ct evenweave from Silkweaver yesterday... as well as some lovely Honeysuckle White Silk 'n Colors from Karen V. which completes a fiber swap we had going (thank you so much Karen!!).... and I was high bidder for the embellishment pack for One Good Urn (I paid only $2.50 for it!) and Sun Sampler chart - how did I forget to write about all of that good stuff??? Just loving stitching on that angel, I am sure :-) ....And tonight I was high bidder for Village :-)

Red Sox 3, Athletics 2 - the Athletics really had the upper hand in this tight game tonight... until Kevin Millar hit a huge two run walk off home run! Woo Hoo!

Got a couple of new comedies today that I hope I shall enjoy stitching to soon: In Good Company and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou :-)

Stitched on today: Peacock Cypher (yep, I finished Section 2, so I will bring it home and scan it now) and 17th Century Irish Garden


Anonymous said...

Do you stitch in a frame? Do you use a magnifying light? Do you have a special ¨stitching chair¨?

z_mnor said...


it seems that you too had an addition to your stash collection. Great! Happy dance!

BTW, the database thing sounds interesting though I could not imagine how it works at the moment : )

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence! DH is in the middle of creating me a database at the moment (after much nagging!). Yours sounds very useful.

Irish Garden is looking fabulous, even if you did hate the greek cross - been there, done that, with a couple of stitches on this unfinished sampler.

Glad you got the thread OK - I liked the colour so much, I've got a couple of other ideas for its use :)


Isabelle said...

Well it certainly doesn't look like you had a hard time stitching that Gree cross-stitch Carol. It looks perfect.
I have a book with many specialty stitches explained with clear pictures. Whenever you have another doubt about a special stitch, feel free to ask me to check it out in my book - there's a pretty good chance I may find it.

That database sounds wonderful and it looks like I could use one too now: with the London Stitch Show and all the stash I got for my birthday I'm afraid I can't keep track anymore! :-o

Plus, I got "In the Arms of an Angel" for 2 euros (postage included) on Ebay France last week! But I won't be able to tackle it before next Fall I'm afraid... ;)

I'm still working on your gifts, still waiting for one I ordered online to arrive... :o/

Gill said...

Congratulations on stitcking to it and getting that rectangle filled in, it looks good! Your husband's computer database sounds a great idea, would it be something that could be used online, or would it need to be downloaded on the computer?

Nicole said...

I wrote a database program a year ago in college, i did actually distribute it to a few people as beta testers and i know they use it do i. I don't tend to give it out very often because i always wanted to update it to be more flexible as right now it only organizes patterns/charts, dmc floss, mill hill beads, and then projects in general, where i put start date, fabric used and stuff, plus each project is associated with a pattern and dmc floss.

Since then i've of course moved to more specialty fibers so i wanted to update it dramatically, but if you want to take a look at it, it's a simple install program you run and it sets up an executable and a database file it works from. Just email me if you'd like to see it. I'm sure your husband's will be great :)

Cathy said...

I'd love a database like that, what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

The database seems a good idea. There is already one out there called StashCan but I've tried it and it's not wonderful. I would be a tester for you if you needed more people.

tkdchick said...

Carol I would love to be one of your Hubby's Beta Testers because that's exactly what I want in a stash management DB and that just dosen't seem to exist on the market!!!

Christine Doyle said...

Would love to be a tester, but I have a request (and it may be difficult to fill) - I am on a Mac!! Any chance of getting a program that is compatible?

BTW - love Irish Garden!!