Saturday, May 07, 2005

Oh, so close....!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI finished the wings on Petal Fairy and started the stems leading up to her flower today :-) No photo, including the one on the chart cover, does any kind of justice to the amazing colors Nora chose for this fairy - it just has to be seen in person to really be appreciated!
Image hosted by from so close for Ryan Newman tonight in the Dodge Charger 500 in Darlington, South Carolina tonight - he took over the lead with a little under 50 laps to go... but with only 3 to go, Mark Martin spun out and brought out a caution. Well, if Newman were to pit at that point, the competition would stay out...if he stays out, they pit and get fresh tires. So, he stayed out, they took tires and he was overtaken by four cars...came in 5th. Oh so near and yet so far! Still no wins for Ryan this year! But he is 10th in points with this good showing today - back where he needs to be, at the very minimum.... maybe he can bring this momentum to Richmond, Virginia next weekend? He looked good, ran really strong...Image hosted by from Ryan leading 47 laps at Darlington...sigh.

No Red Sox game today - rained out.... and to think, Mike was trying to get us tickets for tonight's game in celebration of our anniversary tomorrow. Good thing that didn't work out :-) They will play a doubleheader tomorrow to make up for it :-)

I picked up another fun, older DVD today at Best Buy - Dutch - I have always thought of this as one of the funniest movies I have seen :-)

What Chick Flick is just like Your Life?
created with The Notebook - very good answer!
Stitched on today: Petal Fairy

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Isabelle said...

A progress pic for Petal Fairy, yeah! Eye candy in the morning ;) (I usually get your update around 9 am French time). She looks so delicate!