Saturday, May 28, 2005

Red Sox 17, Yankees 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Red Sox 17, Yankees 1 - not a typo! I have gone silent on reporting my beloved Red Sox's scores most of this week as they lost four in a row to Toronto and the Yankees - but today was worth mentioning!!!!! It was the worst rout of the Yankees by the Red Sox in MLB history, so it is good to savor the sweet when we can get it.
I felt like working on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow for a little while tonight.... I was exhausted after a family BBQ here for the Memorial Day Holiday... but I got this much done :-)
My Victoria Falls tall bearded iris, and my Galleon Gold standard dwarf bearded irises bloomed today.... as did my Sky Rays intermediate bearded iris, but that photo came out blurry, so will redo that one tomorrow :-) I love spring - even though this one is several weeks behind in terms of blooming!!

Looking for a needlework sale for the holiday weekend?? JJ's Collectibles is one of the many who are having a sale... and I forgot to mention I visited the sale on Friday and ordered all the Anchor floss I need to stitch Kingfisher: - I am excited about this one. While there, I also ordered four cards of Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid in PB01 for when the Celtic Winter SAL starts up (the general response has been for the end of the summer, early fall.... sound good ladies??)....

My DMC Mentor kit also finally arrived on Friday, and my niece Nicole, who is up for the weekend, already started one of the kits last night!! Let's see if she makes enough progress here to share it.... right now, she is hooked on playing Sims 2 on our server computer :-) Can't blame her - I love that game too!

So nice to have a three day weekend and to have Nicole, age 13, visiting.... and I hope Karen and Brendon Kirk landed safely in Washington, DC yesteday too!! Can't wait for my cell to ring and it is Karen!!! :-) Meanwhile, Nicole and I enjoyed watching Are We There Yet?, White Noise and Final Destination 2 (she loves the "scary" movies)...

Stitched on today: Houses of Hawk Run Hollow


Jenn said...


Wasn't todays game great! Let's just hope we can do (almost)the same thing tomorrow. :)

tkdchick said...

I just love your gold iris I've never seen anything like that before. I'll have to keep my eye out for one next year. I think I have enough tall bearded irsises in my bed now. I'd like to put dwarf varieties in front of those.

BeckySC said...

Hi Carol :)
I hope you have recovered from the head cold...and have recouped from the BBQ :)

Your progress on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow is coming along nicely. I am glad you decided to pick it up again!

WOW, Look at those iris! Just gorgeous! All my irises have bloomed out. My daylillies are ready to bloom now :)

Thanks for your comment about the Lorri Birmingham Santa. You are SOO sweet :) Debbie loved it, as did everyone else...LOL!

Have a great day my friend -enjoy the race :):) (son will be driving in the race traffic tonight, as his new gf lives about 3 minutes from the race track-he doesn't understand why that makes mom a little nervous!!!!!)

(((((((hugs to you))))))

BeckySC said...

I just noticed, are you irises mulched, and still bloom so beautifully??? I have never had any luck with mulching them-they never bloom if I do...please share your secret :)

hugs :)

Bea said...

Hi Carol!!!
Finally I pubblished a PR pic too on my's not good, but there is! I love your Houses of Hawk Run Hollow, I have never seen it before reading your blog! I hope you'll stitch it again soon!