Monday, May 02, 2005

Just Enough!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI plugged away on the wings of Petal Fairy tonight - I don't know if you can see my progress very clearly - I finished up the areas that called for the 9300 Kreinik #4 braid - geez, just made it! I don't know if you can see my needle in the fabric in the upper left corner - that is all that was left of the braid when I was done! I do have another spool of this on order, just in case I needed it. And, fortunately, I believe another of my projects calls for it anyhow. But beware - if you are planning to stitch this fairy soon, you might need two spools. I was ultra-conservative and am using the designated 32 ct. If you choose 28 ct, you surely will need two spools :-) Whew, glad that is all set now!

Got some mail today :-) I received my order from Paw Prints Cross Stitch with the light sand edinburgh linen and 16th Century English Knot Garden :-) I also finally received, after a month, Mini Topiary Sampler 2 from the ebay seller. I won't be buying from this seller again. At first, she flat out forgot to send this to me. Then she said she sent and I waited two more weeks, nothing. So, she said she put another in the mail, and I just received this one, postmarked as late as 4/28/05! Who is she kidding?? Geez!

Tigers 8, Red Sox 3.....

Stitched on today: Peacock Cypher and Petal Fairy


Isabelle said...

Petal Fairy is looking gorgeous and that was lucky about the braid! Thanks for the heads up by the way. I'll be stitching her on 28ct, so I guess I'd better get another spool! ;)

I can't wait for tomorrow to be there, so I can open your Birthday parcel! It smells delicious all over the room already! :) You're so sweet.

BeckySC said...

She's just beautiful, Carol!
Thanks for the info on the braid. I will buy 2 just in case!

Anonymous said...

Petal Fairy is lovely, as always, but When do we get to see another picture of Peacock Cypher?

Enquiring minds want to know...;)


Gill said...

You and I have had some similar experiences with ebay sellers, but I guess thats the risk you take when you're out for a bargain! Petal Fairy is looking beautiful, I must must have her soon!