Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Better news for the Red Sox now.... and a break from Petal Fairy too

It is Wednesday, so back to Legends of the Dragons tonight. I didn't have a whole lot of stitching energy tonight, but I did get a couple of hours in to backstitch a bit of the knotwork border around the top and side of Majesty - that is still forward progress, so I am pleased with it :-)
I just received my first installment of the Treat of the Month from Sugar Maple Fabrics, and it is a lovely blue that I sure can easily use - Blueberry Cheesecake 28 ct lugana.... but... I was very disappointed by the note in the package - this is the last Treat of the Month she is doing (I only just started!!). I checked her website and she has decided to stop selling directly to the public any longer. You can buy from her on ebay or through retailers. Oh boo! I loved buying directly from Mindy :-( So, so much for getting into a new fabric of the month club.... But, I dealt with it in my own special OCD way by getting some SMF fabrics from the sale at The Avid Stitcher - I was so surprised they were still there! I got fat quarters ofKronos 32 ct lugana, and Tartan 32 ct lugana.... I wonder if Sugar Maple Fabrics will be going out of business soon :-(

Q. What is your most unique/interesting stitching quirk? (This could be
something concerning the way you stitch, how you organize your stash,

A. Geez, had to think about this for a while.... I came up with two possible answers.... One quirk is that I have severe OCD... not in the sense that I just like to be organized, but that I have the full blown anxiety disorder. So, I have found that if I stitch every day, even for just a few minutes, I am significantly more relaxed, my world is more orderly. That is quirk #1. Well, my other quirk is still directly related to the OCD. I collect. Oh boy, do I collect - stash, perennials (especially daylilies), DVDs, Cat's Meow Village buildings... so quirk #2 is my extreme stash collecting (readers of my blog are already aware of this)... so, OK, not feeling real proud to talk about my anxiety disorder, but there is the answer to the SBQ for you... :-(

****3:15 PM - The Boston Red Sox Medical Director released a statement: Matt Clement stayed overnight in the hospital and was re-evaluated this morning. His second C-T scan again was negative. He was released from the hospital and will travel back to Boston with the team after the game tonight. He will then be evaluated back in Boston. Released from the hospital - a very good thing!

It was pouring when I got home this afternoon - after reaching 96F today, we got quite a thunderstorm during the afternoon commute - which was a very tough drive, really.... no chance to photograph the garden, but I did spend some time today identifying five of the daylilies I photographed recently:
Daylily: Chicago Gold CoastDaylily: Small GestureDaylily: Wind SongDaylily: Emperor's DragonDaylily: Golden Gate

Red Sox 4, Devil Rays 1 - if all goes well when Matt Clement sees his docs in Boston, he should be pitching again soon.... Trot Nixon, however, is now on the 15 day DL and we may have lost him for a while :-(

Stitched on today: Legends of the Dragons... and a bit of Story Time at work too :-)


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about admitting to OCD. I have OCD and anxiety issues too which were very bad a few years ago but are much more under control now, just surface if I'm overtired.

At least you'll never run out of anything to stitch ;)


Anonymous said...

Have to search the meaning for OCD, so can't comment. Your embroideries are always beautiful and impressive.
I am now finishng a small item and hope to start the 2 seasons poistcards soon.
Look forward to that.

Melissa G. said...

Your Legends is looking FABULOUS! Pretty new fabrics you have there too.

Unknown said...

Legends is looking great! I do wish I did the border in 1 strand like you are doing, I'm almost out of the border color, may have to pick more up at Stitch tonight. I just don't think I have enough since i have to go around Wisdom still and I have very little left.

At least you have a reason for collecting stash and stitching so much, me there is no method to my madness, I don't collect lots of things but Stash I do love to collect! If i could get one new thing each day I think I'd feel sane, I just need a job that allows that!

Kathy said...

HI Carol

Legends is look really good, and I looking forward to seeing more of it.

I love collecting stash lol I have too much and no time to stitch it all. I have so much on the go beside Samurai and CA. I have robins as well lol. But I love collecting Keyrings as well I have over 200 and get more everytime DH goes abroad and comes home lol.

Your flowers still look fantastic looking forward to seeing more of them, also love your new fabrics.

hugs xxxxxx

BeckySC said...

Hi Carol :)

Legends is looking great!!

You know I have a stash buying addiction...I think I should be in some kind of support group, but I LOVE my stash and I don't see that changing :) :) :)

I need to e-mail you about what I picked up at the shop today...little tidbit of info for you :)

Your flowers look so refreshing...everything is dying here due to the lack of rain and extreme heat :(

Love ya!