Monday, July 18, 2005

Thank You Isabelle!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

I came home this afternoon to a lovely early birthday package from Isabelle. I am just so overwhelmed by this! Isabelle is away in Ireland right now, and I am dying to thank her for this! She made me this gorgeous needlework set with roses on it! And, she also sent me a Dolly Mamas kit to go with my other one - she sent me Is It Hot In Here? - too funny, did she know I will be 42 later this month?? OK, not even at peri-menopause yet.... but by the time I get to this kit, I likely will be, so she is right on target there - LOL!!! Thank you Isabelle, you are just too sweet!! And, yes, I loved the Monet's Waterlilies card too! Waterlily is my favorite fragrance, so you are right on there!
I picked up Angel of Love tonight for the first time in over a week. I really like stitching on this one! Anyhow, she looks a bit more balanced now that her other arm is under construction. I also added some more fancies to her skirt. I have been doing some thinking about how to tackle her heavily beaded skirt. I decided tonight that I will take it in little zones - do all the x's in one designated area, then bead it... then go to the next area. I will determine the area, but that looks like it won't be too much of a challenge. And now I am really looking forward to getting on with that, so maybe this angel will be showing up more frequently in my rotation now :-) We'll see....
I also received my latest order from the sale at The Avid Stitcher - two absolutely lovely fat quarters of handpainted belfast linen from Sugar Maple Fabrics. These colors are outstanding! On the right is Tumult, and my first impulse is that it is perfect for one of the L&L angels that have white dresses... and the one on the left is Pussywillow - these both exceeded my expectations :-)

I did a tiny bit of ordering for myself today too - I ordered a skein of Desert Sage Silk 'n Colors, one of the last colors I need for Un Petit Paradis, and Mirabilia's Scent of Old Roses. I have admired it since seeing Bea's completed one in her blog a couple of months ago... :-)
I had a big "duh" moment this afternoon - really an important one of life's lessons for me... it was beginning to rain when I got home this afternoon. I rushed outside with my digital camera to try to get pics of today's many more gorgeous blooms. Well, I learned today that one should never go outside with a digital camera that has been in an air-conditioned house into 82F rainy temps.... the lens fogs up! This is just one example of many flowers I photographed that now look like this today! You would think I would already know this about cameras... a couple of years ago we were on a Caribbean cruise, and we very quickly learned that if you leave the digital camera in the air conditioned cabin and then go right out on deck to take a photo... you will get an interesting fog effect :-) I am a slow learner.... Oh well, will get these flowers next time they bloom!!

A little bored at the office today, so I took a quiz... :-)

Which Disney Princess Are You Most Like? (thorough!)
created with
Congratulations Red Sox!!!! The Red Sox won the 2005 Espy for Best Team and also for Best Game when they turned the ALCS series around against the Yankees last year! Very nice!! And... Best Championship Performance went to Curt Schilling too! The more I read the awards list, the more I see the Red Sox on it :-) This long-suffering Sox fan is pleased :-)

Stitched on today: Angel of Love (but, too busy to stitch at work today...)


Gill said...

Your birthday gifts are lovely, Carol, and your new fabric is beautiful too.

Kiwi Jo said...

Isabelle is such a sweetheart! I've done that with my camera too.

Anonymous said...

What lovely birthday gifts! Isabelle is a darling isnt she.

karensff said...

Your birthday gifts are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Your birthday gifts are beautiful - very precious. Funny photo - I was looking at tit and not knowng what happened and then read your explanatin. Reminds me of sunglasses fogging up.

Cathy said...

Isabelle is the best, isn't she? That set is just beautiful, you must be so pleased with it. The blurry picture is a cool effect, anyway. Good to know if you're actually going for something interesting!

Kitty Couture said...

Oh Carol - I hadn't had the time to read all the posts you wrote while I was in Ireland. Today I'm taking the time to go through your August AND July archives and I've just found that you were mentioning my gifts here...

I really need to confess something - I hadn't fully understood the meaning of the Dolly Mama kit! I really only thought of summer heat, and since your Birthday is right in the middle of summer, I thought it was appropriate. I guess you're having a good laugh right now. I feel silly!
Honestly... I just thought it was cute and would go well with your other kit, since you like collecting designs! I do hope you like it all the same :o)

It's funny, your age and mine are the same, only inverted (42/24)... And in a recent post you said you were feeling like you are 24! Deep inside we are certainly of the same age!

I'm so glad you like the needlework set.

I already have a new gift idea for you, for a future occasion! I now make a list of the gifts I intend to make to my friends and family, so I'm sure I won't forget any! ;o)

Lots of love xxx