Thursday, February 24, 2005

Found the perfect quiz for me!!

Which Red Sox Player Are You?
created with Don't know how I scored as Johnny Damon - kinda expected more of a Trot Nixon response, but I will take it :-)

The snow is on its way again. This time, though, we are expected to be on the northern fringe of the storm with 2-4" expected tonight - and I believe Auburn is northern enough to be more like 2" than 4". About time someone else gets the heavier amounts. Bigger storm due in on Monday night, and just have to pray this one will be more rain than snow.... pleeeazzze....

Well, got most of my office packed up today. I can't help but to feel sad about this - I think I should be angry because the landlord is just so openly discriminating against my clients, but still.... I feel so sad. I hate the way the world works sometimes. So unfair. With luck, the landlord's two guys will show tomorrow noon to move "just the heavy stuff," and any snow that is more than forecasted can really mess that up. Then, Mike and I will spend a lot of time of Saturday transferring my computer down to the new (tiny) office, and I will have all the small stuff (quite a lot of it) to lug down - fortunately, there is an elevator. I will post pics of my ugly new office shortly.... ugh.

I ordered a piece of Thunder 32 ct lugana from Sugar Maple Fabrics late last night. I have been wanting to stitch Midnight Hunting on this particular fabric for quite a while now, so instead of just thinking about it, I figured I would start kitting it up. If I don't, it will just stay as a wish forever.... I wish I could take credit for this great fabric choice, but I can't - someone over on Needle & Thread Bulletin Board had this brainstorm - please give yourself a treat and click that link to see her amazing work! Thank you, AlienCarrot, aka Asa in Sweden, for the brilliant idea!

My Earth Angel and three skeins of WDW came in from the ebay seller today - that sure was fast!!!!!!!

I also just wanted to add that I feel that it is important to pray for the health of the Pope right now - such a sad story. I am concerned that he is having too many health problems too close together right now.

Well, I had not initially planned to purchase any DVDs this week - the list of new releases held no appeal, but today one of my clients spoke of I Heart Huckabees today, and she got me all interested in it. So, I stopped at WalMart tonight and picked it up - and found a neat treat! NASCAR 3D: The IMAX Experience, listed for release on March 15th, was already out and in the store, and I got it! Yay! Must watch this one this weekend!!

And... a little late night shopping netted me a chart that has been on my wishlist for a long time now, but now I can take it off! I got Rainbow Birds by Valerie Pfeiffer from Laurel's Stitchery - all of her charts are 20% off right now and I happened to have a free shipping voucher lying about, so I went for it - I have seen this pretty chart stitched up on a couple of different tropical hand-dyed fabrics and I want to try my hand at doing the same :-)

Stitched on today: Beneath the Stars for a few minutes at work - with all that packing, I needed a fun break... and tonight at home: Fairy Flora - a progress pic will be posted this weekend, it's really coming along now!

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