Friday, February 18, 2005

Thank God It's Friday - Again!

Yay, a three day weekend. Snow is coming for Monday - don't know how much, but still glad to have a three day weekend - lots of time to stitch (and watch the Daytona 500).

We are very concerned here about the health of Tedy Bruschi. It was great to see that he got out of Massachusetts General Hospital today and is resting at home. We hope he recovers well. While I would love to see him return to the NE Patriots, all that really matters is that he recovers!

In our weekly pursuit of having a little time together out in public, having some fun, Mike and I went to the new T-Bones in Derry, NH for dinner. It was really good. I enjoyed my Fisherman's Platter, and we were happy to see that Mike's old high school classmate, Laura, transferred up from the Salem, NH site to Derry - she tends bar there and it was a fun visit.

We are watching Saw tonight - what an interesting... and weird... movie this is! I can't tell if I like it. It is pretty creepy, but then again, I did expect that....

On the stitching front, I remain lost in the sea of pink and white stitches that make up the dress of Fairy Flora... they seem endless, yet now I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Whew!!! I received one of my Silkweaver solos today and Silver Frost from an ebay seller. Both are really nice. I picked up some of the Mill Hill Treasures I need for various Mirabilias, as well as a Queen of Freedom chart... nothing big, just having a little fun getting some stuff together. I posted a whole bunch of embellishments, mostly Lizzie Kate and Shepherd's Bush ones, on ebay tonight too - stuff I came across in my stash and realize I will never use.... I also posted a lot of seven Caron Watercolours that I have received from my fiber clubs and know I will never use.... hopefully these items will find good homes :-)

Geez, can't stop thinking about the Bruschi family right now!

Stitched on today: Fairy Flora and Beneath the Stars (at work - finally started the third dragon today - getting much closer to finished now!)

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