Monday, February 21, 2005

Snow, snow, snow.... it was so bad this morning that when Mike got to his office today only four people were there, so they all went home vowing to work from home today. That never happens, so the roads must have been really bad. Treacherous was the word Mike used. I had today off as it is President's Day anyhow. But I wonder how bad the roads will be in the morning now since it is so cold I would expect ice. Yuck. One more month until spring.... but around here it could be more like two more months.

So, I spent today working on Fairy Flora - starting off with a bit of frogging out of some stitches I worked on way too late last night.... but made a lot of progress now getting roses and berries stitched up and will post a progress pic this week.

I made a nice trade today for Jill Oxton's Voluptuous Mermaids for a skein of WDW Father's Day. That is all she wanted! I am so excited, I have been wanting these mermaids for several months now. Yay, and thank you new friend!!!


Anonymous said...

If you ever decide you don't need those mermaids, or come across another issue of the magazine....please keep me in mind! My daughter would love those "real women" mermaids!


Unknown said...

Congradulations on the trade. I can't wait to see a progress pic of the fairy :)

Susie said...

Lucky you! Those mermaids are great, and hard to find! I want to get them too! :-)