Monday, February 14, 2005

Get Well Soon, Bill Mueller!

Uh-oh, knee surgery at the start of Spring Training! The Red Sox say he should be ready for opening night, and it could be worse - his knee could have waited to swell up after the season started.... biting my lip... get well soon, God speed to a quick recovery Bill!(photo from
Fairly uneventful day - had a visit from the insurance company for which I work - they had this little upbeat meeting to show my practice stats against those of others like me. Looks like I am virtually one of the only sole practitioners who does group therapy - I blew that chart up. Yet, my last group is about to end soon - I need a break from it - so I hope they don't get too used to that stat!

I received Paradigm Lost from the ebay seller today, and the more I look at this chart, the more I like it. I think it would be pretty in a nice hand dyed silk like Storm Cloud Waterlilies as a first guess... hmmmm...
It is a quiet Valentine's Day here - a little swapping of cards - Mike is getting the new PSP when it is released next month, while I am taking the class at Celebrations of Needlework in April.... it is a snowy, icy night at the start of the work week, so we will celebrate at the weekend. Hope everyone enjoyed their day!

I just saw that Stitching Bits & Bobs has some new releases up from Nashville, and I ordered You Were Hatched..., a limited edition design by Teresa Wentzler(TW fans won't want to miss out on this one!), and Love Letters Lessons On Linen, Vol. 1 by Just Nan. Very cool!

Stitched on today: Petal Fairy

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