Saturday, February 12, 2005

NASCAR is Back - Congrats Ryan Newman!

No, no - Ryan Newman didn't win the Budweiser Shootout in Daytona, FL tonight - he came in second by only 0.2 seconds! Go Ryan! Jimmie Johnson won, which is cool. He and Ryan always work well together, wish they were teammates! Anyhow, this was by far Ryan's best showing ever at this track - two years ago he was totally pancaked on his roof here. Maybe the tide is turning now for him? The early returns from this race are extremely positive and hopeful, at least. We shall see next weekend when the points races offically begin. I see Newman's creative pit stop strategies continue into 2005, with the risky move to be the only car to take two instead of four tires tonight - at least it didn't hurt him as much as I thought it would tonight.(photo from
PMS Warning System found in this blog during random surfing today - too cute to resist! Hope you and your loved ones will find this to be valuable :-)

I've been hanging out over on ebay a little again.... I found out this morning I was high bidder for Silver Frost by Patricia Ann Designs. I have been kind of craving a band sampler to work since I have been doing L&L and Mirabilias, and a little bit of Houses of Hawk Run Hollow since the year started. Late last night I also found a seller from whom I was able to get various beads for Emerald Mermaid and Butterfly Fairy, plus Kreinik braids for Titania, Queen of the Fairies - Adia, the Garden Fairy - and the Cottage Garden Fairy (I think I will use that solo I bought yesterday for this one....). I was also able to get the Ladybug Bead needed for the Just Nan heart in Just Cross Stitch, as pictured in my February 7th entry, from this seller. This morning I also found a less than half price deal on the Collector's Heart 2005 kit from Heart in Hand - this one struck me as so nice, so although I don't collect these I got this one too :-) And, a rare visit to Yahoo! Auctions netted me Mickey & Minnie Portrait for almost nothing...there is another Disney book with it, not sure of title... thought it was a little cute.

While running errands earlier today, we hit the $5.50 DVD Dump Bin at WalMart - we got Earth Girls Are Easy (a comedy for me), and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (a sci-fi for Mike) :-)

And, the most cheerful sight for me every winter - the Red Sox equipment is now packed up and heading to Florida - Spring Training is about to begin! Woo Hoo!(photo from
Stitched on today: Fairy Flora


JD Lusan said...

Pretty cool blog. I've been getting into NASCAR, don't understand it yet.
Good luck!!

Gill said...

Hi, thanks for your comment, I don't get many!! I love the Petal Fairy, lots of other Mirabilias as well but this is one I am determined to stitch sooner or later. Look forward to seeing your progess.