Thursday, February 10, 2005

Here is my progress pic of Fairy Flora as of today - she is too big now to use the scanner :-) She is getting big. I hadn't realized how dense the stitching truly is in this one, but I think she is gorgeous. I am looking forward to doing the beading at the end (I stitch on scroll bars, so beading must wait) - I also had not realized how laden this fairy is with beads - she has clear beads as dewdrops everywhere, especially in her wings. Sparkly!

I get to start Petal Fairy tonight - I was able to reach my SAL mate and she is ready to go Clapping Hands
We did not get the huge snowstorm that was originally called for - got a slushy inch or two though. My DH has a stomach bug so I ended up staying home to take care of him and stitch my heart out anyhow... And, he told me today that I can have that Betsy Stinner class I blogged about yesterday as my Valentine's Day gift! Yay!!!Cupid
Oh - as a footnote, we enjoyed watching Shark Tale this afternoon - it was cute, better than I had anticipated! Will Smith is perfectly cast in the role of Oscar. Great job by Renee Zellweger too!

Stitched on today: Fairy Flora, and started Petal Fairy


Unknown said...

We also didn't get much - only about an inch near home and work maybe 2 inches. It stayed very wet, and there was a lot of ice on my car this morning.

Fairy Flora is coming along so beautifully, i'm really enjoying the progress pics! I hope your DH is feeling better, my friend at work also stayed home (she's 9 months pregnant) yesterday to work from home and her DH was also sick. I guess the flu/cold season has not ended yet :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
you can see your fairy grow! I know how it feels, to sit and stitch and feel content because you see the progress. I think you're brave to start another one in the SAL, though I love that fairy too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol

I agree with you, she is gorgeous! Well done ... and I hope your hubby feels better soon too.