Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Wow, another big snow storm coming for late tomorrow night and all day Thursday. Took the wind right out of my sails, and now I am too tired even to stitch (though I did get a few little pink stitches in tonight...). I am starting to really relate to Laura Ingalls Wilder's The Long Winter, which I can recall reading as a pre-teen. Brrrr.....snow....will it ever end?? Those of you who want our snow, it is free - come and take all you want! I am wondering if I should even go and dig out my
Long Winter chart by Bent Creek - it is somewhere in my stash, and sure seems appropriate right now!

Adding to my exhaustion is that I started working this week with a very young little boy who is recovering from a liver transplant due to liver cancer. He has a bright little spirit, but the reality of his life has really been hitting me hard....

I won an auction today that I had pretty much forgotten bidding on - and got two neat older Mirabilia charts as a result, so that is cool: Christmas Elegance and Three For Tea. I am pretty excited about that, as I now have almost all the ones I have been wanting for my Mirabilia collection!

I almost forgot - it is new DVD release day - it was sooooo many hours ago that I stopped and picked these up on my way to work this morning, it almost feels like it was another day.... I picked up Shark Tale and The Notebook - at least I will have something to watch during the Nor'Easter (New England term for big storm).

Stitched on (a tiny bit) tonight: Fairy Flora

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Unknown said...

Oooh the Notebook - i forgot about that movie, i'll have to rent that soon i never did find time to get to the movies and see it when it came out.

I can't believe the coming snow. I'm guessing work is going to be quiet tomorrow, there's no reason really for me not to come in as i will be staying at one of my uncle's tonight and it's only 10 minutes from work and technically i drive by work to get home. I kinda wish I was just home tonight and I could work from home tomorrow. All well.