Sunday, February 27, 2005

Well, Ryan Newman didn't win today - he had two bad luck struggles (a tire going down, paper on his grill making his water temp rise - both resulting in green light pit stops...) - flashes of last year! But he fought back and came in 9th, moving himself up to 12th in the point standings. What really made my day was Kasey Kahne's crash (see photo). I am sorry to those who love him, but I don't care for this kid. It was nice to see him have two bad races in a row, maybe it will knock him back to reality. Just my own opinion. (Photo from

Did not do a whole lot of anything today - slept in quite late and then watched the race from a horizontal position on the love seat :-) Then ran some errands at Target before coming home to stitch. We have yet another big snow storm coming in at some point tomorrow, and I think the realization of that has made me very depressed - that as well as having to get my office set up all over again.... so many boxes to start unpacking tomorrow....

I watched I Heart Huckabees last night after Mike went to bed - yucky movie! Geez - what a waste of time. First of all, it is not possible to follow this movie while stitching, but I chose the stitching over trying to understand this stupid movie. I had the volume down due to Mike sleeping right above the TV, but even still - I don't really think I missed much - it was just a terribly stupid movie. On Friday night, very late, I watched IMAX NASCAR which was pretty good, but very short at only 40 minutes.... not quite what I expected it to be, but some good highlights of Ryan Newman....and then I watched NASCAR Nextel Cup Series 2004, which was OK, but done in a different format than previous year in review DVDs - but I guess that is due to the change in the structure of NASCAR in 2004. I had picked up two DVDs from WalMart's dump bin yesterday too, which I had forgotten about - Toys and Single White Female - just some older movies I like....

Stitched on today: Fairy Flora, but I didn't meet my goal of finishing her wings this weekend due to being so lazy today :-)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, thanks for your efforts. Hopefully Asleigh will response. I'm afraid I know totally nothing about racing!
Have a nice day/week