Sunday, February 13, 2005

Well, after getting a call from the contractor our builder contacted for us about the broken mailbox, we decided to tackle it ourselves. He left a message stating that he could do the job for $50 an hour, with a minimum of four hours plus parts. Am I lost here??? Four hours to install a mailbox... that is $200 to install a mailbox! I just can't see it! So we went to Home Depot today - for $6.89 we can now fix the mailbox four times!!!! We had the man there cut an eight foot board into four pieces to match what we need. The $6.89 includes the carriage bolts, washers and hex nuts for four total installations. And it took Mike and I about 10 minutes to get the job done when we got home!

Now just enjoying watching The Pro Bowl - Go AFC!! (AFC won, 38-27)(Marvin Harrison of the Indianapolis Colts, photo from

Not much time to stitch today, but did work on Petal Fairy

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