Wednesday, February 16, 2005

When I came across this new Nashville release from Indigo Rose while I was visiting the Paw Prints Cross Stitch site today, I could not resist it and ordered it up. It has a stunning masculine flair to it, really unique! I also ordered a skein of the new Dinky Dyes Fantasy Blues silk floss. Apparently it is needed for the limited edition designs from the Fantasy Faire, and since I ordered TW's design a couple of days ago, I will need it.

After basking in the glow of feeling effective as a therapist yesterday, today I had difficulties with a client who decided to leave me due to "too many cancellations." What? There was one during the blizzard, was that what she meant? After stewing and my stomach turning for half an hour I remembered what was up - I used to see this teenager until she moved to Florida a year ago. She just returned, but without insurance, and Mom wanted me to see her right away. I did - for several, unpaid sessions. I sat down with Mom and told her she needed to get the insurance taken care of, and until then I could not see the kid, but would provide phone support. Once she got insurance, she transferred to another therapist. How frustrating. And the worst part is, I know it was Mom's decision, not the client's. That makes me sad. I want to be there and do the best I can for my clients, but then stuff like this happens at times, and it really brings me down. I hope something more cheerful comes along tomorrow!

I found out today that last night I got the embellishment pack for Great Lakes Lowland Sampler by Jeannette Douglas, and today a full fat half of Cream Quaker on ebay! Great!

Interesting comment found on today: "It looks to me like the 12 (Ryan Newman) and the 8 (Junior) are the cars to beat," said Elliott Sadler following Wednesday's pair of drafting practice sessions. - this surprised me, neither showed strong practice speeds, but woohoo, go Ryan!

Stitched on today: Petal Fairy tonight, and Beneath the Stars for a little while at work

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